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Migrating E-mail from iMail to GroupWise

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By Ruud van der Zwet

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Posted: 19 Dec 2006


A customer wants to move his email form iMail to GroupWise. The most of the clients are using the web interface of iMail, but some are using a POP mail client, like Outlook.

iMail has a IMAP connector, so we decided to create IMAP accounts with the GroupWise client and than drag the mail from iMail to GroupWise. This action will be performed during a half-day process involving OpenOfficeOrg and GroupWise. At the end of the process, all mail will de dragged to GroupWise.

IMAP Capability

The GroupWise Windows 32 client is the only GroupWise client that supports IMAP accounts.

Mailbox Types

TaskGroupWise Windows ClientGroupWise Cross-Platform ClientGroupWise WebAccessOutlook Connector
Archivexx..pst file


ConsoleOne Steps

1. Install GroupWise 7.0.1. on an OES Linux server.

2. During OES installation, create an NCP share, which is required if you want to start ConsoleOne from a Windows machine.

3. In Explorer, make a drive mapping with the Novell Client to the GroupWise domain directory.

4. Start ConsoleOne to activate IMAP.

5. Select the Postoffice, Client Options, Environment and activate IMAP.

It's better to use IMAP instead of POP. With IMAP you log in to the IMAP server, and you can drag mail to and from your IMAP account. You also see the whole folder structure; with POP you don't.

iMail Steps

In the iMail administration, select the IMAP agent and activate "Force subscribe to private/public folders". All folders will be subscribed automatically.

iMail is in MBOX format. Most of it is in clear text, such as:

  • Contacts
  • Distribution lists
  • Aliases

The Agenda function was not used, so it will not be migrated.

GroupWise Windows Client Steps

1. In the GroupWise Windows client, select Accounts > Account Options.

Figure 1 - Account options

2. Create an IMAP account.

Figure 2 - Creating an IMAP account

3. Enter the server IP address or DNS name and your Login name.

Figure 3- Info for IMAP

4. Select "Connect through LAN".

Figure 4 - Connect through LAN

5. Select the location of your iMail folder.

Figure 5 - iMail location

The Accounts Overview window appears.

Figure 6 - Accounts Overview

6. Enter your iMail password.

Figure 7 - iMail password

The iMail folder structure is shown below.

Figure 8 - iMail folder structure

7. Right-click the iMail account folder and select "Subscribe to folders".

Now you can add all your iMail folders, like:

  • Mailbox
  • Sent items
  • Trash
  • Your own folders

Now you can see all your iMail mail, and you can drag it to GroupWise. After it's dragged away, the mail is gone from iMail.


  • GroupWise for Windows client
  • Groupwise 7.0.1 on OES Linux
  • ConsoleOne

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