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GWAVA Releases GWAVA 3.7 / John Dragoon Speaks at GWAVACon

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Updated: 2 Jan 2007

In response to the current spam storm that has been spewing billions of spam messages over the past several months, GWAVA has released GWAVA 3.7. The next version of GWAVA due out was GWAVA 4, but the recent attacks that have crippled companies around the world caused GWAVA to release key technology into its current infrastructure in order for customers to immediately take advantage of core anti-spam technology, without waiting until January for the full release of GWAVA 4.

GWAVA 3.7 has been available since 12/18/06 and has had an immediate impact on reducing the overwhelming amount of spam that companies have been receiving.

For an explanation of what is happening with the spam storm you can visit to read Charles Taite's explanation of the current tactics being used by the spammers.

An increase of volume through hijacked computers running spambots has begun to flood the Internet with a billion new messages a day, and the spammers are now deploying image spam to bypass traditional defenses. In 2005, 1% of spam was image spam and was easily detectable; today, 25% of spam is image spam and now constantly changes its identity to thwart attempts to identify the images.

If you are upgrading from GWAVA 3.6, visit to download the latest update. This is a free upgrade. If you are not a GWAVA customer and want to trial GWAVA 3.7, please visit:


John Dragoon, Novell's Chief Marketing Officer, to deliver keynote presentation at GWAVACon Dallas January 21st, 2007.

John Dragoon serves as Novell's Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Dragoon brings over 22 years of high technology operations experience to his role, and is responsible for all aspects of Novell's marketing strategy and activities worldwide.

GWAVACon is the largest Independent Novell Conference in the world with events in Dallas Texas, Syndey Australia, and Germany. This year, more than 500 delegates are expected to be in attendance to hear Mr Dragoon's remarks.

To register for GWAVACon please visit

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