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Lowering Your Costs with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

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Posted: 21 Dec 2006

Novell Connection Magazine: Tech Talk #5 - Be Happy
Lowering Your Costs with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

by Michael Wilkinson
Novell Connection Magazine - Q4 2006

Here's an excerpt:

This is the last article in a four-part series on the Novell Open Workgroup Suite. The first article in the series talked about preparing for a migration to Linux by getting all systems under management, collecting a comprehensive hardware and software inventory and securing the desktop environment with system-wide patch management. The second article covered the migration of servers and workgroup services to Linux, based on the technology included in the Novell Open Workgroup Suite. The third article outlined the steps to begin the transition to open source applications on Windows, which are gathering application data, building your application transition map and developing your application rollout strategy.

In this final article of the series, we'll build on the transition of desktop applications to open source from the third article and finish the migration story by discussing the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and how to effectively make the final transition from Windows to Linux.

> One Small Step For IT–One Giant Benefit For Mankind!
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is the only enterprise-quality Linux desktop on the market, designed for general-purpose business. Developed by Novell, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop provides market-leading usability, seamless interoperability with existing enterprise computer systems, and dozens of essential office applications. Deployable as a general-purpose desktop platform or tailored for use in thin- and thick-client configurations with fixed-function uses such as kiosks, cash registers or for high-end engineering workstations, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop provides unparalleled levels of flexibility for desktop clients. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, businesses can dramatically reduce costs, improve end-user security and increase workforce productivity.

Novell Connection has published many great articles since SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 released earlier this year. If you're serious about migrating any computers to Linux, whether tens or thousands, reading these articles is a must. Nathan Conger's article in the Third Quarter 2006 issue ( gives a detailed view of what's in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 release, and why it's a very compelling alternative to Windows Vista.

Other articles (among others) provide more of the technical information needed to roll out Linux on your desktop machines. For example, Chander Ganesan's excellent article in the March 2006 issue details how to automate your Linux installations using the AutoYaST installation tool (

The last is a nine-part series by Kendra Dalin entitled Back To Basics: Bridging Your NetWare Skills to Linux. Though not specific to the desktop, this series is helpful if you're looking for insight into Linux overall and how to make the transition to Linux based on your years of administrative experience with NetWare.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is now included in the Novell Open Workgroup Suite and provides a great addition to round out the functionality found in the suite. Read these articles if you haven't already.

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