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Let NetWare 6 and NSS Solve Your Storage Woes

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Posted: 4 Mar 2002

NetWare 6 gives enterprise managers some new ways of thinking when it comes to addressing their storage needs. Here are a few of the options that are possible with NetWare 6 teamed with Novell Storage Services (NSS).

Think Virtual
NetWare 6 uses virtual partitions to reduce the complexities that can arise from the four-partition limitation. When you install NetWare 6, you create only one real NetWare partition for all NetWare file systems -- including the NSS file system, the traditional file system, and any future file systems that Novell may add to NetWare. You can then create one or more virtual partitions within this real partition. Using NetWare 6, you can create an unlimited number of virtual partitions within a single NetWare partition.

Think Storage Pools
Novell Storage Services 3.0 allows you to collect the free space in virtual partitions into storage pools. Storage pools are bodies of free disk space gathered from one or more virtual partitions on one or more storage media. For example, you can create a storage pool that includes free space on hard disks, SANs, magneto optical disks, Jaz disks, or any other random read and write media -- as long as that storage space is not allocated to another storage pool.

Think Logical Volumes
Rather than using free space from partitions as traditional volumes do, logical volumes use free space from storage pools. You can create an unlimited number of logical volumes on any storage pool.

Other Key Benefits to NetWare 6 with NSS 3.0

  • NSS 3.0 will support SYS volumes in addition to the data volumes that all versions of NSS support.
  • NSS 3.0 will support file compression. NetWare 6 will be able to compress NSS files that are infrequently used or not used at all.
  • NSS 3.0 will support user and directory quotas. You will be able to limit the space one user consumes on an NSS directory and the space a directory consumes on an NSS volume.
  • NSS 3.0 will support the Transaction-Tracking System (TTS). As a result, TTS-enabled applications will be able to protect their transaction data.
  • NSS 3.0 will provide native file access for: NFS, CIFS, and AFP.
  • Data Shredding (U.S. Green Book File Security standard) for secure deletions
  • 8 TB volumes with unlimited files and volumes
  • Script based management of server parameters
  • OP-lock support for client caching
  • RAID 0 support via software
  • Native support for software mirroring

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