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Cool Blog: Controlling Your Work Through Customized Panels in GroupWise

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By Bill Pray

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Posted: 23 Jan 2007

The real key to setting up the workspace the way you like it is through customized panels.

David Allen states that the key to organizing is "setting up the right buckets."

"Once you know what you need to keep track of, all you really need is lists and folders for reference and support materials. Your lists will keep track of projects and someday/maybes, as well as the actions you'll need to take on your active open loops. Folders will be required to hold your reference material and the support information for active projects." (David Allen, Getting Things Done The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, pp 140 -141).

Customized panels in GroupWise are a way to create and manage a folder with your key lists that apply to the that folder's "bucket."

We are looking at how we can make customizing the panels more intuitive in future releases, but here is some information on customizing your panels in GroupWise 7 SP1:

Let's start with the Home tab (but remember you can do this with any tab you create).

First, determine whether or not you want one or two columns to show. I like using two columns and then the QuickViewer on the right - which essentially becomes sort of a third panel for me. You can also turn on and off the folder list on the left, depending upon how you work. I like to keep it open, so I can drag and drop to my various folders. To select one or two columns, click on the small down arrow in the upper right hand corner. This will give you a dropdown menu where you can choose one or two columns.

Once you have your column choice implemented, then you can have a lot of fun customizing your panel(s). Select the small down arrow in the upper right hand corner again and choose Edit.

When selected you will see:

Here is where you can select the folder that is displayed in the panel - think organizationally - what "buckets" do you want displayed - your checklist? Your unread items? Your mailbox?

Once you have you have your "bucket" chosen, then go to the display tab:

The display tab provides you real control over your bucket and how it is organized and viewed. You have options to choose: View by, Sort by, Sort order, Labels, Item Source, Item Type and Date Range.

For example, in my Checklist panel, I have the display options set as follows: "View by" to Checklist, "Sort by" to Category, "Sort order" to Ascending, "Labels" and "Item Source" to all boxes checked, "Item Type" to all boxes checked, and no defined Date Range.

Et voila! You have a customized panel. The real power is in taking a few minutes to play with the options to see if they give you what you like to be productive. The numerous combinations give you total control over your environment and make creating your buckets easy. Better than the label gun prescribed by David Allen!

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