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Posted: 24 Jan 2007

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Symantec Backup Exec 9.2 for NetWare Servers (formerly from Veritas)
Veritas NetBackup 6.0 Enterprise Server

Product Overview

Symantec provides two different data backup solutions that support Novell Open Enterprise Server - NetWare-Backup Exec for NetWare and NetBackup. The fundamental difference between these two products is that Backup Exec for NetWare is a solution specifically designed to back up data on Novell Open Enterprise Server - NetWare servers and clients (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac), and NetBackup is an enterprise solution designed to manage cross-platform server environments accommodating NetWare, Windows, Linux and UNIX. Functionality overlaps in the two products, with suitability to a task depending on environment. A general guideline is that Backup Exec for NetWare is more suitable to a Novell-only network environment, while NetBackup is appropriate for heterogeneous environments with need for a single management interface.

Backup Exec for NetWare has long been a full-featured backup solution available for mixed-client environments with comprehensive support for NetWare. Formerly from Veritas and now part of the Symantec product line, Backup Exec solutions for both NetWare and Linux can be managed from a single interface through a pure IP network providing state-of-the-art backup solutions for either Novell Open Enterprise Server - NetWare or Novell Open Enterprise Server - Linux.

Also from Veritas, NetBackup provides advanced features for standardizing backup recovery across multiple platforms (including NetWare), extensive media management, multi-tier architecture for scalability, synthetic backups and other enterprise level services.

Features and Capabilities

BackupExec for NetWare includes the following features:

  • Complete storage for disk-to-disk-to-tape (backup to disk)
  • Centralized management using either a NetWare or Windows console
  • SAN support
  • Works in conjunction with remote backup agents (clients) for Windows (98, ME, NT, 2000, XP), Macintosh, UNIX and Linux workstations
  • Open file backup support
  • Clustered volume support (Novell Cluster Services) with automatic failover
  • Supports NDPS (Novell Distributed Print Services) including iPrint
  • Support for NSS
  • Support for eDirectory, GroupWise, iFolder
  • Media management grouping and extensive support for tape drives
  • Policy-based backups

NetBackup includes the following features:

  • Single management console for NetWare, Linux, Windows and UNIX
  • Database and application solutions for Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2, Exchange, SAP, Informix, Notes and others
  • Staged backup to disk for later storage to archive tape
  • Unlimited scalability and high performance
  • Share tape and drive resources between heterogeneous systems (UNIX, Linux, NetWare, Windows)
  • Synthetic backups with streamlined backup image from previous full and incremental backups
  • Imaging, bare metal restores
  • Works with other enterprise management solutions from Symantec including: Operations Manager (Web-based consolidated view management), VAULT for tape rotation and vault management, and Bare Metal Restore
  • Reports with utilization, performance and job success are available with Operations Manager
  • Checkpoint restarting lets job resume from point of failure

OES Compatibility

Backup Exec for NetWare

OES Component Compatibility Description
OES NetWare Yes - installs on OES NetWare and is managed from NetWare or Windows
OES Linux Supported as an OES NetWare client
NSS Volumes Yes
GroupWise Yes
eDirectory Yes
OES 2 Planned support


OES Component Compatibility Description
OES NetWare Only as a media server or a client
OES Linux Supported as a master, media server or a client
NSS Volumes No - data backup only
GroupWise No - data backup only
eDirectory No - data backup only
OES 2 Planned support

Special Considerations

  • Bare Metal Restore does not work with Novell Open Enterprise Server NetWare-only Linux.
  • Management interfaces for NetBackup and Backup Exec are not the same.

Overview of Architecture

Backup Exec for NetWare

A central media server is the key component of Backup Exec. It manages the tape controller and backup disk and must be installed on Novell Open Enterprise Server - NetWare. Remote Agents are available and can be installed on other NetWare servers and Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac workstations. The Administration Console can be run on either a Novell Open Enterprise Server - NetWare server (Java-based) or a Windows workstation.


Master and media servers required. Master servers can be either Linux (including Novell Open Enterprise Server - Linux) or Windows. The Master server manages the coordination of backups across media servers, storage devices and from all clients. Media servers host backup storage media. Novell Open Enterprise Server - NetWare and Novell Open Enterprise Server - Linux servers can be included as part of a NetBackup installation as either media servers or clients.


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