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Posted: 24 Jan 2007

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McAfee NetShield for NetWare
McAfee LinuxShield

Product Overview

NetShield for NetWare and LinuxShield provide continuous scanning for viruses, worms and other malicious code with automatic updates and central management. NetShield for NetWare and LinuxShield can both be managed through a single console - McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.

Features and Capabilities

NetShield for NetWare and LinuxShield include the following features:

  • Always-on, real-time scanning for viruses, worms, malicious code, distributed denial-of-service attacks, backdoor and remote Trojans, and zombies
  • Graphical reporting
  • Security policies
  • Heuristic scanning (identifies and blocks unknown viruses using behavior-based rules)
  • Archive scanning (scans and detects data blocks in archived or compressed files)
  • Automatic update
  • Centralized management through ePolicy Orchestrator

OES Compatibility

OES Component Compatibility Description
OES NetWare NetShield for NetWare supported on OES NetWare (NetWare 6.5)
OES Linux LinuxShield available for OES, SLES 9 & 10, NLSBS, NLD 9, SLED 10
NSS Volumes Supported with NetShield for NetWare and LinuxShield for SUSE
GroupWise File-level scans only - no GroupWise message-level scans for viruses
eDirectory Integrates with eDirectory for virus alerts to administrators
OES 2 Official statement of support

Installation Tips

  • NetShield for NetWare runs as a series of NLMs.
  • LinuxShield installation can be accomplished manually through packages or by running a script.
  • If using LinuxShield 1.3 on Novell Open Enterprise Server with NSS volumes, LinuxShield 1.3 Support Pack 2 is required.


Overview of Solution Architecture and Integration

NetShield for NetWare and LinuxShield are McAfee anti-virus solutions that run on Novell Open Enterprise Server - NetWare and Novell Open Enterprise Server - Linux, respectively. Both applications can be installed and managed separately, or both can be managed through a single management interface-ePolicy Orchestrator.

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator is a management server with console that runs on a Windows workstation. Remote consoles can also be configured on Windows workstations. Distributed repositories can be created on NetWare, Linux, UNIX or Windows servers. Management agents are installed on Novell Open Enterprise Server - NetWare servers or Novell Open Enterprise Server - Linux.

Management console showing NetShield for NetWare.

Management console showing LinuxShield.

Novell Certifications

Novell "Yes" certification for multiple NetWare platforms provides faster, easier and more integrated anti-virus defenses for Novell environments or mixed NetWare and Linux networks.

Novell Bulletin Linuxshield 1.4.0:

Novell Bulletin LinuxShield 1.3.0:

Novell Bulletin NetShield 4.6.3:

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