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Daylight Saving Time Changes for 2007 - Updated

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Updated: 14 Feb 2007

Novell Resources for the Daylight Saving Time Changes

Starting in 2007, Daylight Saving Time will be extended by 4 weeks in most United States and Canadian time zones. Daylight Saving Time will begin the second Sunday in March (March 11th), 3 weeks earlier than in past years. Daylight Saving Time will end the first Sunday in November (November 4th), 1 week later than in past years. This change complies with a provision of the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005 and affects all U.S. time zones that observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). In addition to the United States, many countries have adopted or are considering adopting similar DST changes, I.e. Canada.

Tips submitted for DST

How are you preparing for the Daylight Saving Time Changes? Let us know what you're doing.


The following TIDs were created to ensure that all Novell Products are modified as appropriate to handle changes to DST.

Novell OES/NetWare Servers:

For more information about the Daylight Saving Time Changes visit:

Tips for DST

Lupe Silva

We have to update 150+ netware servers for the daylight savings change. Unfortunately, we do not have any tools like ZEN for Servers or other server management tools to do mass changes. As usual for me, I hate repetitive tasks so I wrote a perl script to push these changes out to the servers.

This utility runs on an Windows Workstation. It utilizes Perl (, the remote command ( and the dstshift.nlm from

The script will query LDAP to find all the servers, then copy the dstshift files to the server, then utilizing the remote.exe command, execute the dstshift.nlm.

I hope this helps someone out there.

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