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Multiplied SLED 10 Certified Hardware Bundle Now Available

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Posted: 27 Feb 2007

Omni and R Cubed Technologies are offering a new, certified hardware bundle with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 and the Userful Linux Desktop Multiplier software add-on pre-installed, pre-configured and ready to go.


The number one question Omni receives from Novell customers looking to deploy "Multiplied" SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktops or thin clients is, "What hardware do you recommend?" With the recent certification of the hardware bundle from R Cubed Technologies, the answer is easy, "Check out the new certified hardware and software bundle available – at R Cubed Technologies."

Benefits of the Certified Multiplied SLED 10 Bundle

Following are the key benefits of the Multiplied SLED 10 bundle for our North American customers:

  • Certified and fully customizable systems for four, six, eight and 10 users
  • Pre-installed OS and software bundle (Novell SLED 10, OpenOffice, Linux Desktop Multiplier...)
  • The simplest and least expensive way to deploy SLED 10 desktops or thin clients just got easier
  • Reduces time required to source compatible dual-head video cards and hardware
  • All peripherals are available from a single source (monitors, keyboards and mice, DVI-VGA adapters, USB hubs and USB extension cables)
  • Full warranty support available on hardware
  • Simplifies price comparisons with stand-alone SLED 10 or Windows Vista systems
  • R Cubed Technologies is a Certified SLED and SLES pre-installed hardware vendor
  • R Cubed Technologies has many years experience working with Linux systems
  • Easy to scale up for large Linux deployments and pilot projects
  • No need to pay for Microsoft Windows Vista and to uninstall it

Pricing and System Specifications

Visit R Cubed Technologies' website to configure your Multiplied SLED 10 system and compare prices to stand-alone SLED 10 desktops or Windows Vista.

New to Multi-station SLED 10 Desktops?

Here's the concept:  Step One: Take a single SLED 10 computer, install additional dual-head PCI video cards and a powered USB hub. Step Two: Arrange and connect up to 10 monitors, USB keyboards and mice directly to the PC. Third step: Install the Linux Desktop Multiplier software. Last step: Restart your system and you're ready to leverage your Multiplied SLED 10 solution.

The result – the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to deploy large numbers of full-featured SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop workstations or thin clients. This strategy is ideal for Linux-based computer labs, K-12 classrooms, libraries and Internet kiosks, call centers and Linux POS terminals.

Omni is pleased to be Userful's Preferred Partner worldwide for deployments of Multiplied SUSE Linux systems from Novell. Success Stories are available here.


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