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Posted: 6 Mar 2007

GWAVA 3.7 Spam Wars

Organizations around the world are seeing a dramatic increase in a new kind of spam and end user complaints. At GWAVA, we have developed new technology exclusively to address these two issues. GWAVA has designed a new Anti-Spam engine to slide into your existing GWAVA platform and help stop these SPAM Wars from attacking your organization.

We are happy to announce the release of GWAVA 3.7! This update was designed to block the new spam outbreaks plaguing companies around the world and has shown great results in stopping this new type of spam. To download this update, please visit:

GWAVA 4, Now Available on Linux!(NetWare version will be available by BrainShare)

Join GWAVA at BrainShare as we take you through an in-depth look at our next generation platform. Take an in-depth look at the new architecture, features and capabilities protecting you from virus attacks and spam outbreaks. Get ready for the next generation of GroupWise protection from the inside out: GWAVA 4!

Retain, GWAVA's New Archiving Solution will Preview at BrainShare (Life is short - Email is forever!)

Come and see one of GWAVA's newest products, Retain. Retain delivers centralized archiving for Novell GroupWise. Come and see why many GroupWise Organizations are looking at GWAVA's Archiving solution for storage management and regulatory compliance. Join us in the GWAVA Booth to explore the capabilities of Retain and address your concerns.

Reload V2, GroupWise Disaster Recovery - The Holy Grail of GroupWise!

If your Email goes down, you go down. Not any more! If you need to recover a single email, your email box or your entire post office, Reload v2 can restore with the click of a button. Reload 2 is your Disaster Recovery!

Redline V3: If it's broke - you know it!

Imagine the possibilities ... GroupWise telling you when it had a problem, Compliance reports being automatically generated every week, the ability to see the overall health of your GroupWise system in just a glance, the ability to know that your system was as secure and healthy as it should be. Redline puts the power to manage your entire GroupWise enterprise at your fingertips.

Reveal V2: Trust is Good - Reveal is Better!

Reveal is an executive-level auditing tool that allows for the investigation, scanning, and reading of an employee's email accounts without changing the password or otherwise alerting the owner of the email account that an investigation is happening. One advantage of Reveal is that corporate IT staff are not needed to conduct the investigation; providing corporate officers a tool that can be used without jeopardizing the security and sensitivity of an investigation. Come to our GWAVA Booth at BrainShare and sit in on a session to learn more about Reveal v2.

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