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Advansys Upgrades Archive To Go: The Mailbox Exporter for GroupWise

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By Advansys

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Posted: 13 Mar 2007

SYDNEY, NSW - March 12, 2007 - Advansys today announced Version 1.2 of Archive To Go, the portable mailbox archiving solution for Novell GroupWise. New export and viewer options allow independent use of the GroupWise personal archive information without the GroupWise Client software. In addition, Archive To Go now offers secure, real-time export logging through integration with Redline, the enterprise class GroupWise reporting and monitoring tool from GWAVA.

"We are receiving a great response to Archive To Go and this release takes another step in addressing GroupWise administrators' needs," says Gregory Bell, CEO of Advansys. "Integrating with other vendor products Redline, Reload and Reveal from GWAVA means our customers can take better advantage of their current infrastructure."

Many administrators face the challenge of managing users' GroupWise client archives, which over time can accumulate significantly. This release enables GroupWise administrators to export native GroupWise archives to a single portable Archive To Go archive.

By removing the dependence on the GroupWise client and a specific User ID for archive access, the GroupWise archived messages become truly portable and readily accessible. And unlike Microsoft Outlook PST files, Archive to Go can store the data on a CD or DVD and allow email forwarding and replying directly from the Read-only media.

Redline integration monitors the export process, tracking which folders are exported, as well as reporting export statistics, failed data accesses and identifying the workstation used.

Advansys Archive To Go offers the ability to export GroupWise mailboxes and archives, including personal address book contacts, in a portable snapshot format to a CD or DVD. Archive To Go can be used for a range of related needs, such as inactive accounts, additional backup, or as part of the exit process of a departing employee. One of the most important features of Archive to Go is that a portable mailbox can be accessed from any computer without a GroupWise Client. For ease of use, the Archive To Go Viewer has a similar look and feel to the full GroupWise Client and requires virtually no training.

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