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GWAVA Announces Technical Support for GroupWise

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Posted: 13 Mar 2007

GWAVA Technologies, the Utah-based support organization that supports GWAVA, has announced that they will begin offering web, email, and phone support for Novell GroupWise to select customers. The support organization, called GWAVA Technologies, was founded in 2005 to handle the increasing number of support calls for the expanding list of GWAVA products. Currently GWAVA Technologies handles over 15,000 phone calls a day and most of those calls involved some aspect of GroupWise.

Ernie Reidelbach, Director of Support for GWAVA had this to say. "As we have grown and taken on a greater support role for our customers, it has only made sense for us to expand the kind of support we have already been offering. A healthy GroupWise environment is important for 3rd party products to work and it is in GWAVA's best interest to take care of those customers with GroupWise needs."

The expanded GroupWise support will be for select customers and will not be open support. You must have a support contract with GWAVA before you can take advantage of this offering.

Richard Bliss, VP of Marketing for GWAVA adds, "GWAVA has continued to do its best to support the GroupWise community around the world. Offering GroupWise phone, email, and web support is similar to our expansion of GWAVACon, the GroupWise technical conference that is held in Dallas, Sydney and Germany every year. If GroupWise customers need help, GWAVA is going to find a way to be there to help."

GWAVA has been working with Novell and channel partners to make the support experience as seamless as possible.

Charles Taite, CTO of GWAVA states, "Any time vendors create products that rely on each other, there will be issues that need to be resolved. GWAVA and Novell are both committed to ensuring that customers can find answers to their questions, no matter from where the technical issue originates. That is why we want customers to always turn to Novell first and then to GWAVA for solving their problems. This ensures that both teams are aware of all aspects of a customer's environment."

More information about the announcement can be found at Currently, the details are still limited with more announcements due at BrainShare and the weeks after.

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