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Changing Server Names for ZENworks Asset Management v7.5

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By Michael Faris

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Posted: 15 Mar 2007

We had been testing ZENworks Asset Management to determine if it was what we wanted to use for our organization. After about six months it was decided to convert the system to a production environment, even though our test environment had been running against production clients.

We also wanted to see if running Oracle 10g on a SUSE platform was a realistic solution for our smaller Oracle databases.

Problem: All servers are related to our "Test server naming format" and need to be changed to the "Production server naming format".

Since the collected data was viable, trashing the test environment and rebuilding it into production seemed too painful and too time consuming for our IT staff, namely me.

I gave it some thought and even spoke with Novell Support. They gave me some potential gotchas and also stated that this was uncharted territory.

I also knew that if it completely failed, I could always rebuild it from scratch.

Here is the environment we used:

Database server - SUSE 9 64bit w/ Oracle 10g
Task Server - Windows 2003 Server
Collection Server ? Windows 2003 Server
Web Console server ? Windows 2003 Server

Here are the steps I took to change the names of all the ZAM related servers. Remember, this was used on an Oracle install, not MSSQL!

  1. Ensure no users are running ZAM Manager.
  2. Ensure a full backup of Database and FileStore.
  3. Shut down ZAM services on Task Server, Collection Server and Web Console Server.
  4. Change each server's ZAM services to Manual.
  5. Remove each Windows server from the Domain. Rename it and re-join each back to the Domain.
  6. Edit each server's registry and modify the key:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Tally Systems Corp.\TSCensus\CollectionClient]
    Change "HostName" to reflect the new Collection server name.
  7. Change the C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\Asset Management\bin\CPS.INI to reflect the Collection Server's new name.

    NOTE: These changes (6 & 7) will also be used for EVERY client. This can be pushed through NAL or whatever you use to distribute applications and registry hacks.
  8. Modify the NC_Filestore table Servername field to reflect the new server name where the FileStore is kept.
  9. Modify the TNSNAMES.ORA file for each server and any client pc that is running the ZAM Manager to change the Database Server name:
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521))
    (SID = orcl)
  10. Change the DNS entries for each server to reflect the new server name.
  11. Change the ZAM Services on each server back to "Automatic".
  12. Reboot all ZAM servers except the Database server. Review the logs to see if there are any errors--we might have missed something or fat-fingered somewhere.
  13. Launch the ZAM Manager and determine if the Inventory process is running. Also, determine if you can see your Task and Collection servers.
  14. Check the Web Console server to determine if Tomcat is running. If so, Open a browser and enter the URL for the Web Console similar to the following Login and run a report. If you get an ODBC error, check the ODBC settings and TNSNAMES.ORA on the Web Console Server.
  15. Go back to up 6 & 7 and make these changes to all windows clients. Restart the ZAM client service.
  16. For Linux and Unix clients, edit the /etc/tscclient.conf and change the Hostname to the new Collection Server name. Restart the tscclient daemon.

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