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Posted: 21 Mar 2007

SALT LAKE CITY (BrainShare 2007) - 19 Mar 2007 - Reaffirming its commitment to delivering a single, real-time view of security and compliance activities across the entire enterprise, Novell today introduced the latest version of SentinelTM, its award-winning security information and event management solution. Representing a significant update from previous versions, Sentinel from Novell® version 6.0 offers new capabilities for automating real-time monitoring of the enterprise security environment, identifying and remediating security incidents and documenting regulatory compliance.

Sentinel from Novell gathers and correlates security and non-security information from across an organization's networked infrastructure, including data from identity and access management products such as Novell Identity Manager and Novell Access Manager, as well as third-party systems, devices and applications. Sentinel helps make sense out of the collected data, identifies security or compliance issues, and tracks remediation activities, streamlining previously error-prone processes and building a more rigorous and secure management program. When deployed with Novell Identity Manager 3.5 and Novell Access Manager 3, enterprise customers have access to a complete, integrated identity and security management solution for supporting IT compliance and governance requirements.

"Effective management of security events and incidents in an enterprise environment requires flexible real-time monitoring that easily integrates with identity and access management solutions," said Kent Erickson, vice president and general manager for Identity and Security Management at Novell. "Novell's automated information and event management security solution provides a holistic view of an organization's systems, people and processes. Sentinel 6 builds upon the award-winning capabilities seen in earlier versions, offering increased platform and localized language support and new capabilities in correlation, incident management workflow and its data connectivity framework."

Enhancements to Sentinel 6 include:

  • Improved incident management and response - With the introduction of Sentinel 6, users have access to advanced functions for incident management and remediation. Enhancements to the iTRAC® automated system include fully customizable workflows, improved worklist handling, graphical summaries, support for incident deadlines and more administrative control of incidents.
  • New correlation framework - Sentinel 6 delivers powerful new correlation features for broader risk and compliance analysis, including dynamic lists, new rule test capabilities and support for nested, sequenced and cause-and-effect type rule sets.
  • Streamlined event management - Sentinel 6 substantially reduces the complexity of deploying, managing and monitoring data collectors by allowing organizations to easily retrieve, parse and normalize data received from connected sources. By centralizing data collection and configuration into the Sentinel Control Center, a central console that delivers graphical information, Sentinel 6 provides real-time visibility into data flow and the health of the networked system.
  • Increased language and platform support - As part of the upgrade, the Sentinel 6 database can now process double-byte characters, expanding localized language support to include Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and Japanese. Support for additional platforms, operating systems and architectures is available with Sentinel 6, including 64-bit AMD* and Intel* processors, and database support for Oracle 10g including Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). Sentinel 6 also continues to support SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 9 and 10 from Novell, Windows* Server 2003, Solaris* 9 and 10, Red Hat* Enterprise Linux 3, Oracle 9i and SQL Server 2005.


Sentinel 6 will be generally available in May 2007. For more information about Sentinel from Novell, visit

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