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WebAccess E-mail Still Off By One Hour?

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By Wally Frist

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Posted: 27 Mar 2007


After adhering to the GroupWise DST procedures in TID 3802376, WebAccess users still may show sent items an hour off. The following end user action is what I sent out to the users of Webaccess to fix the issue. Our environment is GroupWise 6.5.5, but I would imagine this would act similar for version 7.

When you send mail from Webaccess it may show that it's an hour off. This problem is a direct result of the recent Daylight Saving Time change and only effects WebAccess mail, not the GroupWise Client. To fix this problem, you will need to follow the instructions below.


1. Log in to WebAccess. At the top of the Webaccess page, in the middle just below the date, you will notice Eastern Standard Time. This is a surefire way to tell if you have the issue or not. If it reads Eastern Daylight Time, you are in the clear and should not have any issues with mail showing that it's off by one hour. But, if it is reads Eastern Standard Time, continue along with step 2.

Figure 1 - Identifying Standard Time vs. Daylight time

2. Click the Options button. If you're not sure where the Options button is, move your mouse pointer over the three buttons in the top right corner. The middle one will read Options.

Figure 2 - Finding the Options button

The Options screen is displayed.

Figure 3 - Options screen

3. Click the Time Zone button, located on the far right.

Figure 4 - Time Zone options

4. Click on the Time Zone dropdown arrow, scroll all the way up, and click "Use Post Office Time Zone".

Figure 5 - Selecting "Use Post Office Time Zone"

5. Click Save.

A message appears, saying "Time Zone saved". It's OK if it reverts back to the initial Time Zone. WebAccess needs this little toggle to re-read the new DST definitions.

Figure 6 - Time Zone saved

6. Close the message and log out of WebAccess.

7. Log back in to WebAccess. Note that at the top of the Webaccess page, in the middle just below the date, it should now read Eastern Daylight Time. New mail from this point on should have the correct time.

Figure 7 - Daylight Savings time is set

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