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Using Active Directory Import feature with ZENworks Asset Management

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By Phil Coombs

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Posted: 22 Mar 2007

ZENworks Asset Management 7+sp1

We wanted to use the Active Directory Import feature to update ZENworks Asset Management workstation fields (like Site, Department and current user, even phone number) from the Active Directory User that logged in. However using the AD import feature conflicts with using the advanced option "PrimaryUser:Always". Using both options causes various issues like skewing the software application usage per user reports and not showing the user's "full name", only short/login name. Also you can end up with duplicate user names in the ZAM database: one "shortname" and one "full name" for the same user.

SOLUTION: I have users' "full names" showing now, and I have application usage by user showing meaningful information.

I do have some duplicate user accounts that use the short name, but I'll worry about cleaning those up another time.

Here is how I did it:

  1. Don't use PrimaryUser:Always advanced option.
  2. I had to update the advanced options on the collection option set, changing it to "always" update the ZAM Login name on the workstation. This is done by clicking on the "Collection Editor" tab of the option set, then clicking on the "Configure" tab next to "workstation," and changing the "Login Name" field to "Always." NOTE that you may have to temporarily enable the collection editor on the first tab to be able to do this. This step ensures that ZAM always updates the ZAM login name after each scan. By default it only updates this field "when empty."
  3. I set up my AD import as follows:

    AD/User: sAMAccountName mapto
    ZAM/Workstation: Login Name
    (this is the Key Field)

    AD/User: displayName mapto
    ZAM/Workstation: Primary User

    Other optional mappings to get location and department:

    AD/User: physicaldeliveryOffice mapto
    ZAM/Workstation: Site

    AD/User:ou mapto
    ZAM/Workstation: Department

All good at this stage!

If you have any questions you may contact Phil at

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