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Omni Mobile Version 2.4 Now Shipping - Enhanced GroupWise Mobile Features

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Posted: 26 Mar 2007

Omni's latest GroupWise mobile client supports mobile access to GroupWise Query Folders, documents in the GroupWise Document Management System, Proxy Send As, and on-line full account GroupWise searches.

On March 23, 2007, Omni Technology Solutions Inc.,, announced the immediate availability of Omni Mobile 2.4 with enhanced GroupWise features for mobile devices. Version 2.4 introduces support for on-line and off-line access to documents from the GroupWise Document Management System, GroupWise Query Folders, Proxy Send As, and on-line full account GroupWise searches (stored as Search Folders on the mobile device). Omni Mobile Version 2.4 is available on: Windows Mobile 5 and Pocket PC Smart Phones and PDAs; Nokia Series 60; Palm OS; and Sony Ericsson smart phones.

GroupWise customers are invited to register for an on-line web seminar to view Omni Mobile's enhanced GroupWise mobile collaboration features.

Omni Mobile customers have always appreciated how Omni Mobile delivers a native GroupWise client experience instead of just basic PIM synchronization," said Trevor Poapst, Director of Global Marketing and Channel Strategy for Omni. "With version 2.4, we have extended Omni Mobile to support GroupWise Query Folders, Proxy Send As, on-line full account search functionality and access to documents from the GroupWise Document Management System."

"By adding GroupWise Query Folders, Document Management System support and full account on-line searches, Omni Mobile continues to lead in providing enhanced GroupWise features on mobile devices," said Aldo Zanoni, CEO and Managing Director for Omni. "With the addition of GroupWise Query Folders, on-line full account search, Proxy Send As, and access to documents from Groupwise DMS, GroupWise customers are able to extend the full GroupWise collaboration experience to their mobile device. We are most excited about adding 'Proxy Send As' support to Omni Mobile. Proxy Send As is the first step in being able to include full proxy account search and calendar busy search features in future releases."

"In addition to the enhanced GroupWise experience, Omni Mobile customers appreciate the simplicity of Omni Mobile and the fact that it installs directly on their existing GroupWise WebAccess server. Unlike other GroupWise wireless email solutions that provide PIM synchronization, Omni Mobile does not require a Windows server as the mobile gateway. Omni Mobile delivers a unique and substantial value proposition because the server module installs directly on customers' existing Novell NetWare, SUSE Linux or Microsoft Windows GroupWise WebAccess servers. There are no additional firewall configuration requirements, no additional protocols to configure, no external databases to manage and no additional backup, anti-virus or server patching requirements."

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