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Omni Cool Tip: Setting up Omni Mobile on a Dedicated WebAccess Server

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Posted: 3 Apr 2007

Do you have a large GroupWise system and only want the authorized Omni Mobile users to be able to see the Omni Mobile tab in their GroupWise WebAccess screen? Read this Cool Solution on how to set up Omni Mobile on a dedicated WebAccess server.

A Customer's Request

We sometimes receive requests from customers to install Omni Mobile so that the Omni Mobile configuration tab is only visible to authorized Omni Mobile users when they login to GroupWise WebAccess. The latest customer with this need had a large GroupWise 6.5 system with over 3,000 users and needed to deploy 20 mobile devices. They did not want the Omni Mobile configuration icon/tab to appear in the GroupWise WebAccess interface for the 2,980 non-authorised users. This would have prompted users to call technical support to ask about Omni Mobile and how to become authorized to use Omni Mobile.

The Default Installation

By default, when the Omni Mobile server module is installed onto the GroupWise WebAccess application server, the template merge files are modified and a new icon/tab is added to the WebAccess interface. The WebAccess server displays an Omni Mobile tab for GroupWise 7 or an Omni Mobile icon in the left side toolbar for GroupWise 6.5 systems. This tab/icon is selected by users to configure their synchronization profiles. There is no way to configure the WebAccess template files to only display the Omni Mobile tab/icon to authorized users. All users can see the Omni Mobile icon/tab, but only authorised users will be able to configure their account for Omni Mobile.

Setting up a Dedicated Server

Installing Omni Mobile with 20 mobile clients will not put a large load on even a small WebAccess server. However, in this customer's case, they did not want to display the icon/tab to non-authorized users. This required that a second GroupWise WebAcces server be set up and configured for Omni Mobile. The customer installed WebAccess on a second server and made it available at and installed a SSL certificate. They installed the Omni Mobile server module onto this server and configured the authorised Omni Mobile users.

The administrator connected to this WebAccess application server with Internet Explorer and Firefox and confirmed that the Omni Mobile tab was visible for users logging into WebAccess through this new server. The administrator enabled Omni Mobile for the 20 authorized users. The 20 users were provided the new WebAccess URL. Instead of connecting to, the Omni Mobile authorized users go to: Only those users who connect to the new server can see the Omni Mobile icon/tab.

Benefits of a Dedicated GroupWise WebAccess Server for Omni Mobile

Mission accomplished ... our customer deployed Omni Mobile for their 20 users without changing the GroupWise WebAccess experience for the remaining 2,980 accounts. And, there were a few additional benefits:
  • As additional devices connect to the dedicated Omni Mobile GroupWise WebAccess Application Server, the load will not impact the primary WebAccess server.
  • An existing server running SLES 9 was used to set up the Omni Mobile GroupWise WebAccess server. The customer was able to leverage existing infrastructure and therefore not incur any additional hardware or software licensing costs.
  • The Omni Mobile WebAccess Server and the main WebAccess server can be upgraded and managed separately. There is therefore no disruption to either environment when the other WebAccess server is being upgraded.
  • With the second GroupWise WebAccess server in place, if the main WebAccess server should ever fail, all users have access to GroupWise WebAccess through the second server.
  • Users and the administrators now have access to a feature-specific, redundant GroupWise WebAccess environment.

Extended GroupWise Mobile Features of Omni Mobile Version 2.4

Omni Mobile Version 2.4 was released March 29, 2007. Version 2.4 includes some impressive GroupWise specific client features:
  • GroupWise "Query" folders can be synchronized to the mobile device
  • On-line and on-device support for documents from the GroupWise Document Management System
  • Support for "Proxy Send As"
  • Support for full GroupWise account search with the results appearing as "Find Folders" on the device
  • User selectable font sizes are now available. There are three font sizes for Windows devices and two font sizes for Palm OS devices.
  • Administrators can now manage and delete devices from the administration interface.


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