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Posted: 3 Apr 2007

GWAVACon is an in-depth technical conference that is held annually in cities around the world. In 2007 GWAVACon will be held in Dallas Texas, Sydney Australia, and Berlin Germany. In January, at the Dallas event, John Dragoon, Novell's Chief Marketing Officer delivered the keynote to hundreds of Novell GroupWise customers, channel partners, and vendor partners. Novell's increased commitment, involvement, and support has made it possible for the event to be made free to all delegates. This is good news for the hundreds who attend the conferences regularly and it is especially good news for the thousands who have not been able to attend in the past.

Oftentimes GroupWise administrators are forced to choose between different conferences throughout the year due to budget constraints. With GWAVACon free, GroupWise administrators are now able to attend GWAVACon and still have budget for other training.

GWAVACon is about the total GroupWise community. Not only is GWAVA there with their marketing leading solutions for email archiving, anti-spam, and email management, but Novell is in attendance with the GroupWise product management team, GroupWise staff, and Novell Executives. In addition, key 3rd party vendors like Blackberry, Nokia, Advansys, GWUnify, and BrainStorm bring their solutions to GWAVACon to help GroupWise organizations meet a wide range of needs.

For more information listen to the GWAVACast at: or visit to register.

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