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Posted: 10 Apr 2007

Email Records & eDiscovery Requests: How To Protect Your Enterprise

Legal says to delete everything, meanwhile HR says to save everything ... who is right? Given the complexity of regulatory frameworks and high costs of legal discovery, organizations need to make sure that their policies provide adequate guidance and protection. Most organizations have poor or only partially implemented policies. Based on existing case history regarding email records as well the analysis of existing regulations - it is clear that the cost of fines for legal obstruction or non-compliance can be very significant.

The case for applying modern risk management techniques to corporate email systems is stronger than ever. In a series of web seminars devoted to email records retention leading technology attorney Ben Wright explains how good email records and a strong corporate retention policy help enterprises win lawsuits, satisfy auditors, and protect intellectual property.

You owe it to yourself and your company to be prepared and informed! Access the free web seminar archives at:

About the Speaker:
Benjamin Wright is a Dallas-based attorney and author of numerous publications on technology law, the most recent being a series of educational videos and study guides on best practices for managing e-mail records. Over the past 20 years, he has delivered many hundreds of public presentations on the law of e-commerce, privacy, e-mail retention/discovery and computer security.

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