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Cool Blog: Top 10 Features You Haven't Heard About Yet in Bonsai

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By Ken Muir

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Posted: 17 Apr 2007

I'm sitting in the airport with some of the members of my team - Dean, Jay, Kevin and Rand - also known as the people who REALLY run GroupWise!

One of the great things about GroupWise Engineering is the culture of "SKUNK" works that we have fostered. The Developers have been given a lot of opportunity to implement some of the "small but important" features they have been hearing about over the past many years from our customers. These types of features often get pushed out because of larger and higher priority enhancements.

Here is a list of some of these fantastic "small" features that will have a huge impact in making Bonsai the best release of GroupWise ever. Keep in mind that normal disclosures apply: "This is a disclosure of our INTENT to deliver these features. Features may vary based on how many weekends and all nighters the Developers work."
  • Native RSS reader in the Windows client
  • Accepting of appointments directly into a sub calendar. When accepting an appointment, you have the option of immediately accepting it into a sub-calender (versus now, where you accept it and subsequently drag it into another calendar).
  • Ability to send an email without anyone in the "To" field (e.g., for BCC e-mails).
  • For a contact with multiple email address - when adding that contact to a group, you can specify which address to use with that group.
  • Print your Checklist of Messagelist directly.
  • Sort by due date in the checklist (sort by any field).
  • Color on Internet-style replies. (Can set so sender's color is different from rest of email).
  • Rule Enhancements - Accept an item into a sub-calendar and addition of a "Complete item trigger" to base rules off of.
  • Select Text Reply - Select a snippit of text and press reply. Only that text shows in the reply.
  • Improved attachment handling - If you edit an attachment, the edited version is saved in a user defined directory and upon reply, original and edited documents are available as options to attach in replied email.

The team is throwing another 20-30 more of these at me to blog about, but you will have to wait to hear them in a follow-up blog ...

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