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GWAVA 4 for NetWare Ships May 1st.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2007

GWAVA 4 for NetWare Ships May 1st.
This time we mean it!

GWAVA 4 for NetWare has been a long time coming. But we think the wait is worth it.

It officially ships May 1st, ending an extremely successful open beta.

GWAVA 4 has been built from the ground up as an improved, high-performance anti-spam/anti-virus solution. This is not a generic one size fits all solution. GWAVA 4 is uniquely designed for the GroupWise environment.

Here are some examples of what will be available on May 1st:

Perimeter and Internal Defense
GWAVA has always been the best solution for protecting GroupWise from the inside out. Now, with GWAVA 4, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus defense is extended to the perimeter before spam gets inside your GroupWise. This means bandwidth and processing power are not consumed by the flood of the new spam tactics discussed in SPAM WARS:EPISODE II in GWAVA Nation.

Web Based Administration and Control
GWAVA has revamped its entire management interface with a new single point administration via any web browser making deployment, configuration and management a simple process. For your end-users, GWAVA has added to the Digest Notification with a Quarantine Management system to allow your power users easy control over all blocked mail.

Multi-Platform Support
GWAVA 4 has dramatically broadened the support for GroupWise in any environment with support for Linux, NetWare and Windows. The new GWAVA Management Console allows single point administration from any web browser.

Flexible for Any Enterprise
Multiple Scanners and interfaces allow GWAVA 4 a new level of customization and allows you to customize rules and configuration settings for any environment.

Auto Smartblocker
GWAVA 4's main and primary task is to block spam and viruses. GWAVA 4 introduces Auto SmartBlocker. Auto SmartBlocker has been dramatically improved with new AntiSpam technology and an auto-learning capability that continually adapts to the changing nature of Spam targeted at your organization. SmartBlocker adapts to your needs and what SPAM is to your organization and continually adapt to the changing tactics of spammers.

Please visit us at to learn more about GWAVA 4.

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