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Cool Blog: Continuing the WebAccess Theme

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By Alex Evans

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Posted: 1 May 2007

I figured I would impart a couple more tips to you all regarding WebAccess, which seems to be the most confusing part of GroupWise for most people.

First, enabling the admin interface on the servlet: nice and easy, this one.

1. Go to the webacc.cfg file - sys:\novell\webaccess on NetWare, or /opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess/webacc.cfg on Linux.

2. Edit it and look for Admin.WebConsole.

3. Change Admin.WebConsole.enable to true and set a user name and password to something else.

4. Restart tomcat, or wait the default 10 mins for the settings to be re-read.

5. Log in with:
http://serveraddress/gw/webacc?action=Admin.Open (case sensitive).

You can see who is logged into WebAccess and which GWINTER they have been redirected to.

Next, forcing your webserver to direct you to a particular GWINTER. This is useful if you have multiple WebAccess Agents and you want to make sure that they are all working. Use the URL format http://serveraddress/gw/webacc?GWAP.ip= where is the IP address of your GWINTER. You can then check that it worked by going to the Admin.Open link from above.

Next, changing the templates. Use another URL command:

You can substitute css or frames (if you still have those installed) for simple. You should note that all these commands are case-sensitive.

One last useful tip to find out what version of the servlets (or WebAccess Application) you are running. Log into WebAccess and then check Novell GroupWise WebAccess up at the top left. This page will show you what version and build date you are running on the servlets.

Think that?s it for now - unless anyone has questions?

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