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City Government Simplifies Novell Identity and GroupWise User Account Management with eControl

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Posted: 1 May 2007


The City of Greater Sudbury provides local government services for 156,000 residents spread across 3,400 square kilometers in Ontario, Canada. The City of Greater Sudbury's small, centralized IT team has the challenging task of managing 1,800 PCs, 85 servers and 1,400 user accounts in 150 physical locations.

The City of Greater Sudbury is continuously looking at ways to manage their Novell network infrastructure more efficiently, to comply with government privacy and security regulations and to get more done with limited resources. In 2005, the City of Greater Sudbury was featured on Novell's website for their implementation of Novell ZENworks for application distribution, imaging, inventory, remote control support and policy management.

Their innovation continues with the use of Omni eControl. Front-line help desk staff now use eControl to manage their user accounts without any administrator or supervisor rights required in Novell GroupWise, eDirectory or the file system. All changes made in eControl are written to an audit log.

The Challenge

"We were looking for a way to delegate certain user account management functions to our help desk staff and HR department without having to give them all the keys to the kingdom," says Mr. Vic Liimatainen, Senior Support Technician for the City of Greater Sudbury. "We needed them to be able to manage GroupWise and eDirectory passwords, create user accounts and assign users to GroupWise distribution lists and groups."

"Our senior Novell administrators use a combination of ConsoleOne and iManager to perform higher-level user account management tasks," continues Liimatainen. "While these are great tools for Novell engineers, they are far too complex for our front line's needs and technical expertise."

"After testing iManager roles-based services, we determined it did not meet our needs. I then spent some time on the Novell discussion groups researching alternative solutions. Several users recommended that I consider Omni eControl."

The Solution

eControl enables front-line staff – help desk operators, junior administrators and line managers – to carry out only those user account management tasks they have been assigned. All changes made in eControl are written to an audit log. This enhances security compliance.

eControl users require:

    NO Trustee Assignments.
    NO permissions.
    NO access to the file system.
    NO System Access Rights.
    NO access required to Microsoft Management Console or Task Pads,
    ConsoleOne, NWAdmin or iManager.

"We really appreciated how easy eControl was to deploy and use," says Liimatainen. "Within three hours, we were up and running. We also liked the fact we could manage GroupWise passwords with eControl."

The Results

"Our IT team, front-line staff and upper management are thrilled with eControl," reports Liimatainen. "eControl's return on investment is immediate. Tasks that would have otherwise taken 30 minutes to complete in ConsoleOne, now take our front line only a few minutes."

"The audit piece really pleased our security auditors. In addition to reducing the number of users with administrative and supervisor rights in our systems, eControl also provides a full audit trail of all user account management changes."

"eControl's look-up speed alone is incredible. The team can now use a browser to manage our eDirectory, GroupWise and Active Directory accounts from any of our remote locations, rather than trying to run ConsoleOne over a wide area network."

"Since we deployed eControl, we have not required any technical support from Omni. The customizations we requested for our naming convention were completed overnight by Omni. I would highly recommend eControl to other municipal or provincial governments."

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