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Link Level Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance in NetWare 6

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By Piyush Rai, Sudarshan S

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Posted: 18 Mar 2002

Product version: NetWare 6

Two of Novell Bangalore's senior software engineers, Sudarshan S and Piyush Rai, review how the NetWare 6 platform provides infrastructure and support for multihoming, load balancing, and fault tolerance in this new article from AppNotes.

Here's a taste:

The role of a network adapter can become critical when a server is connected to several clients through a single adapter. In such a scenario, the network adapter can also become a bottleneck and the cause for a single point of failure. As the processing power of the server is increased, this bottleneck becomes more visible. The earlier NetWare TCP/IP stack already provides a fault tolerance solution for default gateways. With NetWare 6 the TCP/IP stack provides link level solutions -- load balancing and fault tolerance -- which would be available to users desiring high availability and uninterrupted flow of traffic.

Here's the article:

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