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Two Post Offices, One Server

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By Wally Frist

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Posted: 5 Jun 2007


There were two GroupWise post offices on one NetWare server, and my job was to move one off to another NetWare server. I wanted to do this in a test environment first, so for this article I'll walk through the whole procedure of putting a second post office on a server, then moving it to another.

The environment is NetWare 6.5 SP6, running GroupWise 6.5.7.


Part 1: Creating A Second Post Office On One Server

The first thing we need to do is create a new post office in ConsoleOne. Step-by-step instructions for this can be found in the GroupWise 6.5 Administration Guide, under "Creating a New Post Office" and then "Setting Up the New Post Office". It's pretty complete, with screenshots, so I'm just going to focus on things you need to be aware of to do this.

When you get to the screen shown in Figure 1, make sure you create a new path for the Post office. I used a parallel directory. This will drop the wphost.db into the directory so you can point to it for the install.

Figure 1 - Creating the GroupWise post office

1. After creating the post office object in NDS, edit its POA object to change the ports so they don't conflict with the original POA. It's OK to just bump each port number up one (see figure 2) - that should be fine.

2. Change the IP address to point to the new server. If your clients connect with the IP address, be sure to handle that.

Figure 2 - POA properties

Next, we need to install the agents. But first, be sure to back up your original post office and/or domain if it resides on this server. For a quick backup solution using tbx.nlm, check out my Cool Solutions tip "TBX.nlm - Saves Time When Backups Fail". Be sure to back up any configs as well, particularly the grpwise.ncf.

2. From a patched Software Distribution Directory, under the Agents directory, run setup.exe. For the most part, you can run with the defaults. Just be sure you are installing it to the system directory of the server with the original post office (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 - Specifying the installation path

3. Specify all the domains and post offices that the agents will service. This may look something like Figure 4, where I have the old and new post office as well as the domain.

Figure 4 - Specifying domains / post offices

At the end of the install, it will ask you what you want to do. If you made a backup of the grpwise.ncf, just choose "Overwrite the existing file" (see Figure 5). Afterwards you can let the installer launch the agents, and you should now have two post offices on one server. Check the server console to verify that the two post office agents loaded correctly.

Figure 5 - Prompt for overwriting startup file

Part 2: Moving The Second Post Office From One Server To Another

Similar to creating the post office, one of the first things you need to do can be accomplished in ConsoleOne. Step-by-step instructions for this can be found in the GroupWise 6.5 Administration Guide. This time, choose "Managing Post Offices" and then choose "Moving a Post Office". This walks you through the steps, but with two post offices this situation is a little different - so, I'll focus on the things that you need to be aware of.

1. In ConsoleOne on the GroupWise Client Access Settings tab, disable logins to the post office (see Figure 6).

Figure 6 - Disabling logins

2. At the Identification page of the post office you are moving, change the UNC path to the new server and location where you want to move the post office (see Figure 7). Doing this first will give time for the changes to propagate up to the domain while we move the post office.

Figure 7 - Changing the UNC path

3. On the original server, be sure to edit the grpwise.ncf and remark out the post office agent that is to be moved. You can completely remove it later when you are sure it's OK.

Figure 8 - Editing grpwise.ncf

4. Shut down the post office agent for the post office we are moving. You can leave the other agents running. You don't need to run a special backup of the post office, as long as you COPY it to the new location. This will leave a backup copy in the original location and save time.

Sample copy using xcopy:

xcopy Original_Location /s /e New_Location

5. After the copy completes, install GroupWise from a patched Software Distribution Directory, under the Agents directory, by running setup.exe and following the prompts.

Be careful to choose the new server that the post office was moved to for the location of the agent software.

Figure 9 - Adding the new server

Like before, you can let the installer launch the agents. Now you have successfully moved the post office to the new server.

6. Check the server console to verify the post office agent is loaded correctly.

7. Check the Message Transfer Agent. If it shows the new post office as closed and will not open even after restarting the MTA, you will have to rebuild the new post office.

If you need to do the rebuild,

8. Shut down the post office agent.

9. Right-click on the post office object of the newly moved post office in ConsoleOne and choose GroupWise Utilities > System Maintenance.

10. Select Rebuild Database (see Figure 10).

Figure 10 - Rebuilding the database

11. Restart the MTA, and the post office should be open for business.

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