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Linking Items to Folders using the GroupWise 7 Cross-Platform Client

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By Axel Schnellbugel

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Posted: 5 Jun 2007

Linking items to folders allows you to view them from two or more different folders, thereby supplying different "headlines" for the items in question. In our GW system, for example, we have set up folders containing:

  • All items originating from Novell (messages, links to official websites, etc.)
  • Items relating to GroupWise only
  • GW documentation (Novell and documents written by us)

Obviously, some items would be found in all three folders.

While linking items to folders is a breeze for users of the GroupWise 7 Windows client, digging through the cross-platform client documentation doesn't unearth a comparatively simple way of accomplishing this. Nevertheless, the cross-platform client is still capable of linking items to folders using rules.

First, you need to create a rule that links items to the desired folder(s).

1. Go to Tools and select Rules; then add a new rule.

Fig. 1: Selecting Rules (we are using German screenshots, here but the arrangement of menu items is the same with the English client)

2. Give the rule a meaningful name (such as "Link to GroupWise folder") and make it User Activated.

Fig. 2: Making the rule user-activated

3. Select "Link to folder" and choose the destination folder. Add another ''Link to folder'' action if you want to link items to more than one folder.

Fig. 3: "Link to folder" Action menu

Fig. 4: Marking the destination folder

4. When you're finished, save your new rule.

From now on you can link any number of items to the specified folder(s) by selecting them and triggering your rule manually, any time you like.

The figure below shows that we selected 5 items dealing with GroupWise, opened the Rules menu, and are now ready to link those items to the GroupWise folder by manually triggering our rule. The original items will remain unaltered.

Fig. 5: Getting ready to link items to the GroupWise folder by manually triggering a rule

There are two main disadvantages with this method: you'll need one rule for each destination folder (set), and you won't get a warning should one of the destination folders be a shared folder, granting at least View rights to the linked items. In practice, however, the set of destination folders is often limited, and thoughtfully selecting items before triggering the rule for shared destination folders will suffice to avoid any security breaches.

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