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Public Beta: GroupWise Collaboration Integration Suite for eDirectory and GroupWise, June 8, 2007

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Updated: 6 Jun 2007

Omni Announces Public Beta of Riva Collaboration Integration Suite for eDirectory and GroupWise

Novell Cool Solutions Article
by Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

Unified application "pushes" Calendar Updates, Proxy Access and Internet Address Clean-ups to GroupWise accounts. Dynamic GroupWise Distribution Lists and eDirectory and GroupWise Reporting modules also available.

Omni Technology Solutions announces the June 8, 2007 availability of the public beta of its Riva Collaboration Integration Suite Version 1.0 for GroupWise. GroupWise customers are invited to register for a pre-release sneak-peek web seminar of Riva's integrated GroupWise modules.

Riva GroupWise and eDirectory Modules and Reports

Riva's modules leverage the GroupWise Trusted Application architecture to allow an administrator to create policies that are applied to each of Riva's GroupWise Collaboration Integration modules.

"The Riva GroupWise Collaboration Integration Suite is the first solution that delivers the ability for an administrator to deliver multiple policy-based GroupWise and eDirectory modules and reports from a single workstation application," said Mr. Trevor Poapst, Director of Global Marketing and Channel Strategy for Omni. "By combining Omni's stand-alone GroupWise utilities into an integrated administrator-based application, Omni is responding to GroupWise administrator requests for better control of information that can be pushed to user accounts."

"Riva is more than just the integration of a number of stand-alone modules," continued Poapst. "Riva represents a platform for the future development of additional eDirectory and GroupWise administration modules and reports to meet administrators' needs."

"We have used Omni's Common Calendar Utility for the last three years to 'pull' school and event calendars into our staff and student GroupWise calendars," said Warren Stewart, Network Project Manager for Contra Costa County Office of Education in northern California. "CCU version 2, powered by Riva, gives me the ability to 'push' this information to user accounts with much better flexibility and granularity. The Riva installation wizards are a breeze. The intuitive interface makes it easy to create and manage multiple policies. I am already making plans to incorporate additional Riva modules into our GroupWise administration strategy."

"Omni is well-known in the industry for its innovative approach to delivering GroupWise and eDirectory integration and management solutions," said Mr. Aldo Zanoni, CEO and Managing Director for Omni. "Riva represents the cumulation of many years of listening to customers and delivering solutions to meet their needs. The Riva engine has been designed to deliver ultimate flexibility to add eDirectory and GroupWise integration modules and reports. A good example of one of the most anticipated Riva modules is the eDirectory to GroupWise Dynamic Distribution List module. This module allows an administrator to create policies that automatically update GroupWise Distribution Lists based on eDirectory group membership or multi-field filters."

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