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GWAVA Reload and Arnold Schwarzenegger Pay a Visit On The Same Day

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Posted: 5 Jun 2007

* The State of Utah Governor's office uses GWAVA Reload for Disaster Recovery
* A 200+ user GroupWise post office runs on a workstation running Novell's Linux
* All other services, such as Blackberry services continue to work for the Governor's office
* Reload migrated the data from the Reload server back to the live server with very little downtime

Monday May 21st 2007 was an eventful day at the State of Utah Governor's office. A high-profile visitor, The Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was meeting with Utah's Governor Huntsman regarding an interstate pact to decrease global warming.

Governor Huntsman's office uses Novell GroupWise. Mike Hussey manages the post office and domain for the Governor's staff. Like so many GroupWise administrators, managing GroupWise is one of the many hats that Mike wears. Mike's day was already full with work such as going to the Governor's mansion in conjunction with Governor Schwarzenegger's visit. Mike had an un-expected surprise, that made him really glad that he had GWAVA Reload implemented.

The Governor's office has had GWAVA Reload implemented for over two years. The whole purpose for which Mike implemented GWAVA Reload was to assist users in quickly restoring address book items, and calendar and e-mail items. In fact it's wireless devices such as Blackberries that hastened the Governor's office to implement GWAVA Reload. Users were regularly having problems with address book contacts getting deleted or other problems related to synchronizing devices to the GroupWise mailbox.

The notion of using GWAVA Reload for disaster recovery wasn't given much thought, and perhaps for good reason. The Governor's office is in a new building that is well secured from natural disasters etc. However on Sunday night it turned out that some major NSS problems cropped up, and Mike Hussey was faced with the fact that his NetWare server volume that housed the GroupWise domain and post office could not be recovered.

Come early Monday morning, Mike realized that he needed to cut over to his Reload server. He did have one hesitation though, and that is that the Reload server ... well, it wasn't a server grade-machine at all. It's just a surplus workstation that Mike pulled out a couple of years ago and put a big hard drive in. So now, he needed switch over to the Reload server to host a GroupWise domain and post office for over 200 users. Mike contacted Tay Kratzer, the lead developer of GWAVA Reload, and they decided to give it a shot. Because of Reload's Push-Button Disaster Recovery feature, in no time the Governor's post office was up and functioning on the Reload server. Now granted, things were a little more sluggish for users, but still performance was reasonable. In addition, everyone's Blackberries were happy and functioning fully.

By Wednesday Mike had gotten a chance to re-create the NetWare volume that could house the GroupWise post office and domain. Now he had to migrate the data back to the NetWare server from the Reload server. The migration feature within Reload took Mike by surprise, he had never even looked at the feature. With the migration feature of Reload, Mike was able to keep the live GroupWise post office up and functioning on the Reload server while 90% of the GroupWise post office was migrated back to his NetWare server. Mike was very pleased at how effortless the migration feature is in Reload. Furthermore, because of the pre-migration feature of Reload, the downtime window was very small when migrating back to the NetWare server. The total downtime goal for the governor's post office each year is under 2 hours a year during regular business hours, so Mike appreciated just how quickly he was able to migrate the post office back during business hours.


Needless to say, GWAVA Reload now has a new luster at the State of Utah Governor's office. Mike's boss has approved the purchase of anything needed for GWAVA Reload. Soon Reload will be on a server-grade computer at the State of Utah Governor's office. Mike Hussey states that "Reload saved the day" for the Governor's office.

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