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Posted: 5 Jun 2007

Messaging Architects Introduces 0% Financing on Software, Hardware and Services

Be on the leading edge of technology with the Messaging Architects' portfolio of Security & Compliance solutions and at the same time advantage of the new financing options to conserve working capital, protect your investments in technology against obsolescence and improve your cash flow management.

Get 0% financing for 24 months when you purchase the latest Messaging Architects software and hardware solutions and services. It's that simple.

Want to know more why it makes sense to take advantage of this exceptional offer?

  • Financial Flexibility: You will have more money to invest in revenue-generating activities.
  • Improved Cash-Flow Management: Preserve your credit lines.
  • Business Flexibility: Add or upgrade at any point as your business grows and your needs change.
  • Protect against Obsolescence: You will never worry about outdated hardware again.
  • Tax Advantages: Deduct monthly lease payments as an operating expense and reduce the net cost of the lease.

To sign up for the Messaging Architects Leasing Program:

- Call: 1-866-497-0101
- Email:
- Visit:

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