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Posted: 18 Mar 2002

Many of you have expressed interest in Novell's iFolder. Here's some information on plans for an April release of "iFolder Professional Edition 2".

In case you didn't know, iFolder gives users acces to their stored files anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-enabled machine.

From what we've been able to dig up, iFolder Professional Edition 2 will be available mid-April and will include these added features:

  • Linux and Solaris support - added to current support for NetWare and Windows NT/2000, many larger enterprises and service providers that use these operating systems can now take advantage of the benefits of Novell iFolder.
  • Scaling to millions of users - multiple Novell iFolder servers can be pooled to create a single-system image, meaning multiple servers can operate under a single domain name, so large organizations and service providers can now manage thousands, even millions of users.
  • Pocket PC and Palm OS PDA Web access - any Pocket PC or Palm OS device with Web access lets users get to their files from anywhere at anytime through Novell iFolder.
  • Reporting features for billing and management - IT administrators can track which departments or users are using Novell iFolder and can allocate costs to those departments accordingly. This also gives xSPs an easy way to manage billing for Novell iFolder service.
  • User ability to choose any existing local file directory as Novell iFolder directory.
  • Ability for IT administrator to recover user pass phrase.

Here's a link to the full press release:

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