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Creating GroupWise Dynamic Distribution Lists

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Posted: 15 Jun 2007

Riva GroupWise Dynamic Distribution Module Now Available

Omni Technology Solutions' Riva GroupWise Dynamic Distribtuion List Module allows administrators to populate the membership of a GroupWise distribution list by associating it to an eDirectory group and/or LDAP query. GroupWise customers are invited to register for a web seminar to learn more about Riva's Dynamic Distribution List and other GroupWise Collaboration Integration Modules.

How GroupWise Dynamic Distribution Lists Work

The Riva Dynamic Distribution List Module leverages the GroupWise Trusted Application architecture that first became available with GroupWise 6.5. The Trusted Application architechture allows an application to be registered to carry out tasks that are otherwise restricted to individual user actions. There is no native ability to "link" the membership of a GroupWise distribution list to an eDirectory group or LDAP query. Yes, you can create a GroupWise distribution list based on the members of an eDirectory group, but after the list is populated, there is no permanent link. Changes to the eDirectory group are not reflected in the GroupWise distribution list. Riva's GroupWise Dynamic Distribution List module allows an administrator to create multiple Dynamic Distribtuion List policies to update multiple distribution lists on a scheduled basis.

In basic mode, the Dynamic Distribution List Module allows you to link one eDirectory group to one GroupWise distribution list. (In future versions, you will be able to synchronise multiple eDirectory groups to a single distribution list.) Each time the DDL policy is executed, Riva reads the membership information from the eDirectory group and updates the membership of the GroupWise distribution list. For more advanced requirements, you can configure an LDAP query (based on a container root), that allows you to create a GroupWise distribution list that can populate the list based on the values of multiple eDirectory attributes.

An example of a simple LDAP query that would add all users whose "Department" attribute is set to "Sales" or "Accounting" under the Parent Container of ou=Users,o=Omni would be:


   where " | " is the logical OR operator
   and " ou " is the LDAP attribute for ?Department"

The above example would also add anyone from the cn=Sales,ou=Users,o=Omni group because it is identified as the source group on the ?General? page. It's as simple as that!

Confirming a GroupWise Dynamic Distribution List Policy

After saving a DDL policy, the quickest way to confirm it is properly configured is to right-click the policy and select "Preview Items to Push". This will cause Riva DDL to poll the eDirectory group and run the LDAP query to provide you with the list of accounts that will be pushed to the GroupWise distribtuion list. After confirming the preview results are as expected, you can choose to run the DDL policy manually or schedule it to run at your preferred interval.

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