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Reusing ESM ActiveView Filters in Sentinel

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By Pascal Oetiker

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Posted: 20 Jun 2007

This solution describes how to re-use the filters created by Event Source Management, in Active Views.

1. Log into Sentinel Control Center.

2. Click on Event Source Management and select Live View.

3. Right-click on the object that you want to use for filtering in Active Views and click on Open Active View.

4. ESM opens an Active View that shows only the events for the object you selected.

5. You can now detach this window and drag it outside of the ESM window, but it will close when you close ESM.

6. In order to re-use the filter that ESM created for this Window in ActiveViews, note the name of the object in the view:

7. Go back into the Sentinel Control Center and click on the create new ActiveView button.

8. Select the Z Axis event Attribute and click the Filter pull-down menu.

9. Find the filter with the same object name as the one you opened in ESM and click on Select (or double-click on it) to use it.

10. In the ActiveViews Wizard, click Finish.

Sentinel Control Center will now open up an ActiveView with the same filter as the one that was created in ESM:

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