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Messaging Architects Acquires Email Essentials' Product

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By Messaging Architects

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Posted: 26 Jun 2007

Email Essentials' Product Suite Is the Third Acquisition for Messaging Architects, Highlighting the Company*s Growth Strategy

Montreal, Canada - June 22, 2007 - Messaging Architects, the leader in risk management software and services for enterprise email with solutions that optimize the performance, availability and security of organizations* collaboration infrastructures and solve their business-critical needs by ensuring a stable, secure, and compliant messaging environment, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the rights to CleanIt, CheckIt, FIDIt and MergeIt by Email Essentials Inc. Under terms of the acquisition Messaging Architects assumes all rights and responsibilities for sales, distribution and support of these products.

"The Email Essentials applications were developed to meet GroupWise admin functionality people were looking for but wasn't originally provided in the product," explains Dean Walter of Email Essentials Inc. CleanIt is a GroupWise client and Messenger removal tool that requires no end-user intervention. MergeIt is an application that assists administrators in merging GroupWise archives, CheckIt configures and submits GWCheck jobs for archives and FIDIt is a GUI interface to allow users moved between Post Offices to access their archives or administrators to access the archives of departed employees.

Messaging Architects' flagship product, GWArchive, helps companies solve the issues of e-discovery, compliance, auditing, storage, and uptime that can affect their email and collaboration systems through an advanced policy-based eDirectory-enabled engine to automatically manage the electronic data stored in their messaging system and make it easily available in cases of litigation. Messaging Architects plans to integrate some of the functionality of the Email Essentials product suite into the next major release of its enterprise-class email archiving and compliance software.

Pierre Chamberland, CEO of Messaging Architects said: "Part of the reason that prompted us to acquire the Email Essentials product portfolio was our continued commitment to providing our clients with the best possible tools to ensure the integrity of their collaboration system and facilitate the deployment of a solid email retention architecture. It is also consistent with our strategy for growth that we have been following over the past two years."

This is the third similar move for the Montreal-based company following the acquisition of a portfolio of GroupWise admin tools from OpenNet Software in 2005 and NetMail from Novell earlier this year.


The Email Essentials suite of applications will be made available free of charge to all Messaging Architects* GWArchive clients. CleanIt can be downloaded free of charge at:

Clients interested in purchasing CheckIt, FIDIt and MergeIt should call 1-866-497-0101 or visit the corporate website at:

About Messaging Architects

Messaging Architects ranks among the industry's leading providers of Email Risk Management software and services. Our applications address the needs for Policy, Security and Compliance in the corporate messaging infrastructure and are used daily by thousands of enterprise clients worldwide. Compatible with Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, our products are installed and supported via a world-wide channel of over 100 Certified System Integrators and IT Consultants, including Novell (NOVL). For more information, visit our website at:

Active GWArchive Clients can download the Email Essentials at the GWArchive Update site

If you aren't a GWArchive client and wish to receive access to the Email Essentials suite of applications, call 1-866-497-0101.

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