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Posted: 29 Jun 2007

Imagine reality with Redline 3 ... GroupWise telling you when it had a problem, compliance reports being automatically generated every week, overall health checks of your GroupWise system at a glance, and knowing your system is as secure and healthy as it should be.

Redline puts the power to manage your entire GroupWise enterprise at your fingertips. With a Web-based interface and Redline's GroupWise at a GlanceTM Dashboard, you can see your entire GroupWise system. Redline also allows automated alerts via pager, email, or SNMP traps in addition to Compliance and Capacity Planning reports and the availability to drill down into a single agent to verify its configuration.

The Power at Your Fingertips

With Redline, there are no surprises. With over 5000 pieces of managed data, Redline is the most powerful tool on the market to manage GroupWise. Unlike other solutions that give you disjointed information or reports that just skim the surface, Redline puts it all together. Problems like messages backing up in queues, disk space hogs, SMTP failures, slow message traffic are all a thing of the past with Redline.

The Power to Know is Redline

New To Redline3:

  • Redesigned UI - Redline3 now has the same look & feel as other GWAVA solutions such as Reload2, Gwava4, and Retain
  • Depth of analysis - Redline3 now monitors over 5000 individual pieces of information from GroupWise, Gwava Solutions, and 3rd-party integrations.
  • DashBoard now features "Quick & Full" system health indicators
  • More flexibility with Redline3's alerting engine - Toggle ON/OFF to suppress alerts during regular system maintenance, etc.
  • Redesigned System View, complete with System Tree and better interaction w/ monitored agents
  • All new Report Designer now included within the Redline3 interface - quickly and easilty create new reports or modify existing reports. No HTML or SQL skills are required to use this feature.
  • Automated Message Tracking - Redline3 allows you to automate the process of collecting GWIA acct logs via SOAP. These, in conjunction with GroupWise's MTA message tracking logs, help to identify issues with mail flow in any GroupWise environment.
  • Updated Graphing & Reporting engine that allows for more graphing and reporting options, such as 3D charts and graphs
  • Enhanced email notifications - Redline3 can now send alerts to multiple email addresses so admins can split duties.

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