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Summer 2007 Letter to GWAVA Customers from CEO, Charles Taite

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Posted: 3 Jul 2007


The last time I wrote to you, I had the undesirable task of explaining why the shipment of GWAVA 4 for NetWare had been delayed ( That letter can be viewed at Nobody likes to come up short, and we certainly don't like coming up short for millions of valued users, but we did, and wanted to sincerely apologize.

Today I have a much more enjoyable task. I get to announce the completion of our very long Beta process and provide you with the details around the launch of GWAVA 4 for NetWare. Let me start off by saying that GWAVA 4 for NetWare's prolonged Beta will benefit all of our customers in the form of a very solid release. In addition to closed and public Betas, when have posted four Release Candidates along the way (Release Candidate 4 is now available to download at The long Beta and multiple Release Candidates were not only necessary to fix bugs. We took full advantage of the fact that the Beta, the largest Beta in GWAVA's history, generated huge amounts of feedback from hundreds of Beta sites. In the last few weeks, we found that adding the tweaks, feature requests and suggestions from our testers was far outnumbering the number of bug reports. In the end, it was our Beta testers that determined that GWAVA 4 for NetWare was ready for release.

In addition to product suggestions, we received many requests for more documentation and more training material, particularly around upgrading from GWAVA 3 to GWAVA 4. So we took advantage of the extended Beta to produce some very helpful material for getting up to speed and upgrading to GWAVA 4 for NetWare. Most of that material is available now. I would encourage you to download these immediately to prepare for your upcoming upgrade:


The GWAVA 4 Quick Install and Upgrade Guide: The GWAVA 4 Spam Configuration and Training Guide: The GWAVA 4 Documentation Wiki:

Interactive Tools

You can play with a live GWAVA 4 Server at:

View a Recording of a live GWAVA 4 server installation and configuration:

Also, later this month, we plan to release two Computer Based Training (CBT) DVDs produced in partnership with our good friends at Brainstorm ( One DVD will cover installation and configuration, and the second DVD will offer more advanced training on GWAVA 4's many, many new features. In order to thank our loyal customers for their patience, GWAVA will be giving away hundreds of copies of the installation and configuration CBT (details on how to claim your free CBT will follow in about two weeks). We hope that between the improved documentation, video and CBT resources, that GWAVA 4 will be a very easy upgrade for everyone.


GWAVA 4 RC4 was just posted on June 29th. RC4 is the gold code, but we want our Channel Partners and Beta testers to have one last chance to go over the product and give us the green light before officially shipping the software. So GWAVA 4 for NetWare will officially ship on July 11th, capping a very long and satisfying journey for us as a company. We have also taken what we have learned from GWAVA 4 and have already applied it to practice in several new releases and products. Redline 3 was just released last week, and besides GWAVA 4 on July 11th, we have a summer full of releases planned. Next up is our archiving software, Retain for Blackberry Enterprise Servers followed by Retain for GroupWise and a brand new administration tool we are calling Vertigo. A little further out, we have an anti-pornography add-on for GWAVA 4 currently code named "Amsterdam" as well as the release of WASP 2.0.

I hope you enjoy your summer holidays and look forward to your feedback on GWAVA 4. I can always be reach directly at


Charles Taite

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