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Posted: 6 Jul 2007

Novell Connection Magazine: Tech Talk #3 - Dynamic Storage Technology - OES 2
Highlights of Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 - Part 1 of 4

by Ken Baker
Novell Connection Magazine - June 2007

Here's an excerpt:

Earlier in the year Novell Connection magazine gave you a sneak peek of the much-anticipated release of Novell Open Enterprise Server 2. In this first of a four-part series, Novell Connection magazine digs deep into some of the highlights of this upcoming blockbuster, starting with Dynamic Storage Technology—a new feature focused entirely on helping customers control rising data storage costs.

The idea behind Dynamic Storage Technology came as a result of significant research that showed customers have massive amounts of stale data consuming their network storage at exponential rates. Not only does this ever-increasing quantity of rarely used data have an extremely negative impact on backup windows and disaster recovery efforts, but it also increases storage costs by taking over valuable real estate on high-performing and expensive disk storage, such as SANs. The research also indicated that while Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) solutions help address these problems, they don't do enough and often create problems of their own.

A cross-functional team at Novell determined that data should be partitioned into two categories?important data and less important data. Active data would reside in the first partition, and less active data would reside in the second partition, but the user would see a virtual view of the data as if it were all in the same partition. As the team sketched the concept on a white board, Novell Distinguished Engineer Dana Henriksen had an epiphany. "I looked at the drawing and realized I knew how to do it," he said. "In fact, it could be done quite easily because we had already virtualized the file system in Open Enterprise Server."

With the foundation already laid, in just a few weeks Henriksen and his team had a proof of concept that grew into the revolutionary Dynamic Storage Technology feature in Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 on Linux.

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