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Cool Blog: Preparing for Bonsai Beta

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By Dean Lythgoe

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Posted: 24 Jul 2007

Greetings! As many of you know, I am now the Director of GroupWise Engineering. This is an opportunity that I am very excited about and very dedicated to. However, this opportunity has come at a cost - the cost of having Ken Muir move onto a new responsibility. It has been a pleasure working with Ken over the last couple of years, and I look forward to continued contact and advice as he helps GroupWise while helping to direct the greater Novell. I will miss the daily interaction with him. I join with many of you in wishing him well!

Now GroupWise? GroupWise is nearing BETA. I am thrilled with this release and about the features the engineering team has created.

I want to start my blog where Ken left his - introducing some of the lesser known enhancements and changes that you will find in Bonsai. My recent background has been with the Windows Client, the Linux/Mac client, Administration and Install. That is where this discusion will begin.

Windows Client

1. Simplification - The Windows engineers have done several things in GroupWise to simplify the user experience. One of those things is removing unnecssary dialogs. Here are a few you WON'T see in Bonsai:

  • Unsent settings on exit
  • Create folder wizard in the right click
  • Delete folder - just says yes or no
  • .
  • No more prompt to sync passwords
  • Automatically process remote sessions - no prompt
  • View vs Open attachment prompt - gone!
  • Delete Items Auto Date - removed extra prompts

2. Vacation Rule - This tool will allow you to provide text for your auto-reply, will automatically block out your calendar, AND will auto expire.

3. Left-click access to categories, including set category, remove category and find items with same categories.

4. Category background color.

5. With the folder list hidden, drag 'n' drop to the left edge of the view pops it up (instead of having to go up to the header control).

6. In Checklist, completed items automatically sort to the bottom of the list. Plus, you can hide completed items - immediately, or the next day after the item is completed.

7. Panels will now resize proportionately, and they are painted with drop shadows. Customize Panels is accessible from any panel dropdown menu. We will now support more than 2 columns for the panels view.

8. You can now send display settings to other users, such as the configuration of your Home Folder.

9. You can personalize received email with notes and/or attachments.

10. You can auto-accept your own appointments. If you schedule an appointment and include yourself, the appointment will automatically be "accepted." It can still be viewed in both your mailbox and/or your calendar.

With the Reply Options dialog, we are changing the reply paradigm a little. You will now have two default buttons on the toolbar for reply: Reply and Reply to All. There is no intermediate popup dialog, and text will always be included. So, not only can you "Reply to Sender" with quoting and one click, but you can also Reply to All with quoting and one click.

I hope that these things will add to the anticipation and excitement that seems to be growing around the release of Bonsai. I know there are probably many other things that you would like to see, but we have to have something to do in the next release.

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