Emergency Planning: Auto-Forwarding Messages to Cell Phones

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By Darron Michael

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Posted: 7 Aug 2007


You need to enable the forwarding of Emergency messages to cellular-phone based text messaging for Business Continuity Planning (BCP)or inclement weather events. This setup should be configured, enabled, and in-place prior to an emergency event so that it can be easily implemented.


Send an email to an individual or a group that will be forwarded to their cell phones as long as the subject line begins with a predetermined code, such as "BCP-Emergency". Each GroupWise user will create a Rule within their GroupWise account that will forward messages to their cell phone's text messaging. The messages to be forwarded will each have a message subject that begins with a predetermined code.

The example below can be attached to an email and distributed to the users of a GroupWise post office to instruct them in how to create this GroupWise rule. Some users won't have cell phones, but for the ones that do, this will facilitate communications during an emergency.


1. In GroupWise, select Rules from the Tools menu.

2. In the Rules window, click New.

3. In the New Rule window,

a. Type in ?BCP Emergency Forward? as the Rule Name.
b. Check the box for Received Items.
c. Check the Item type for Mail.
d. Click Define Conditions.

4.In the Define Conditions window, working from left to right,

a. Select Subject in the first dropdown list.
b. Select Begins With from the dropdown button.
c. Type the pre-selected code provided by your system administrator into the box.
d. Click OK to return to the New Rule window.

Now that you have defined the conditions, you're ready to tell GroupWise how to react when those conditions are met.

5. Click Add Action to pop up a short list of actions that can be programmed with a GroupWise Rule.

6. Select Forward from this list of actions.

7. In the To field, enter the email address that corresponds to text messaging for your cell phone.

For example, if your phone number is 662-555-1234 ...

  • with Cingular/ATT, you would type 6625551234@mobile.mycingular.com
  • with Unicel, it would be 6625551234@utext.com
  • with Cellular South it would be 6625551234@csouth1.com

For reference, a list of cellular providers with their text messaging email suffixes is included below.

8. Once you have entered the email address of your cell phone's text message system, click OK to return to the Edit Rule window.

9. Click Save to return to the Rules window.

10. Make sure that your new rule named "BCP Emergency Forward" is in the list. Use the Move Up button to move it to the top of the list, and make sure there is a check in the box beside the rule so it is enabled.

11. Once this is complete, click Close to put your new rule into effect.


Here is a list of cellular service providers and their suggested email suffixes for text messaging. (Please check with your individual provider to be sure that the corresponding information is correct, as some of these may have changed.)

United States3 River Wireless@sms.3rivers.net
United StatesAlltel PCS@message.alltel.com
United StatesAlltel@alltelmessage.com
United StatesAT&T PCS@mobile.att.net
United StatesAT&T Pocketnet PCS@dpcs.mobile.att.net
United StatesBell Atlantic@message.bam.com
United StatesBell South Mobility@blsdcs.net
United StatesBell South@wireless.bellsouth.com
United StatesBell South@blsdcs.net
United StatesBluegrass Cellular@sms.bluecell.com
United StatesBoost@myboostmobile.com
United StatesCellular One East Coast@phone.cellone.net
United StatesCellular One South West@swmsg.com
United StatesCellular One West@mycellone.com
United StatesCellular One@mobile.celloneusa.com
United StatesCellular One@message.cellone-sf.com
United StatesCellular One@cellularone@txtmsg.com
United StatesCellular One@cellularone.textmsg.com
United StatesCellular South@csouth1.com
United StatesCentury Tel@messaging.centurytel.net
United StatesCincinnati Bell@mobile.att.net
United StatesCingular Wireless@mobile.mycingular.net
United StatesCingular Wireless@mobile.mycingular.com
United StatesCingular@cingularme.com
United StatesClearnet@msg.clearnet.com
United StatesComcast@comcastpcs.textmsg.com
United StatesComvig (domain not supported)@sms.comvig.se
United StatesCorr Wireless Communications@corrwireless.net
United StatesDelhi Airtel@airtelmail.com
United StatesDobson Cellular Systems@mobile.dobson.net
United StatesEdge Wireless@sms.edgewireless.com
United StatesGTE@airmessage.net
United StatesGTE@messagealert.com
United StatesHouston Cellular@ext.houstoncellular.net
United StatesInland Cellular Telephone@inlandlink.com
United StatesMCI Phone@mci.com
United StatesMetro PCS@mymetropcs.com
United StatesMidwest Wireless@clearlydigital.com
United StatesMobilecomm@mobilecomm.net
United StatesMotient@isp.com
United StatesNextel@messsaging.nextel.com
United StatesNPI Wireless@npiwireless.com
United StatesNtelos@pcs.ntelos.com
United StatesOmnipoint@omnipoint.com
United StatesOnlineBeep@onlinebeep.net
United StatesPacific Bell@pacbellpcs.net
United StatesPCS One@pcsone.net
United StatesPioneer / Enid Cellular@msg.pioneerenidcellular.com
United StatesPowertel@voicestream.net
United StatesPrimeco@primeco.textmsg.com
United StatesProPage@page.propage.net
United StatesPublic Service Cellular@sms.pscel.com
United StatesQwest@qwestmp.com
United StatesRAM Page@ram-page.com
United StatesSafaricom @safaricomsms.com
United StatesSatellink@satellink.net
United StatesSimple Freedom@text.simplefreedom.net
United StatesSouthern LINC@page.southernlinc.com
United StatesSouthwestern Bell@swbw.com
United StatesSprint PCS@messaging.sprintpcs.com
United StatesSunCom@suncom1.com
United StatesSunCom@tms.suncom.com
United StatesSurewest Communications@mobile.surewest.com
United StatesT-Mobile@voicestream.net
United StatesT-Mobile@tmomail.net
United StatesTriton@tms.suncom.com
United StatesUnicel@utext.com
United StatesUS Cellular@uscc.textmsg.com
United StatesUS Cellular@email.uscc.net
United StatesUS West @uswestdatamail.com
United StatesVerizon PCS@myvzw.com
United StatesVerizon PCS@vtext.com
United StatesVoiceStream@voicestream.net
United StatesWest Central@sms.wcc.net
United StatesWestern Wireless@cellularonewest.com
United StatesWyndtell@wyndtell.com

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