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Cool Blog: Are You Ready for eDirectory 8.8 SP2?

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By Jaimon Jose

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Posted: 8 Aug 2007

I'm very excited about the forthcoming release of eDirectory - eDirectory 8.8 SP2. While the focus of eDirectory 8.8 was to provide features that help you create secure applications, support packs of this series concentrate more on the performance and scalability aspects. eDirectory 8.8 came with features such as:

  • Encrypted attributes
  • Encrypted replication
  • Case-sensitive Universal Password enforcement in the LDAP layer
  • Priority Sync
  • Authentication to eDirectory over SASL-GSSAPI
  • Security container caching for improved UP policy management

eDirectory has a unique capability of maintaining referential integrity among objects. This has been enhanced in 8.8 SP1 by maintaining the references in a local server at the database layer using an indexed attribute, thus improving the performance. We also shipped the ldif2dib utility, which helps you upload millions of objects directly to the database, reducing the time to staging significantly.

Here comes 8.8 SP2, with a super-charged engine. Performance reports that I'm seeing make me realize that this is the fastest directory engine we have had so far. We made changes in almost all levels, starting from low level OS interfaces to database, agent, and protocol engines. This report is not available for public distribution yet. However, to get an idea, have look at the following sample data taken on SLES10-SP1:

  • Overall 15% improvement over previous versions of eDirectory
  • 30% improvement in adding new user objects
  • 12% improvement in user bind
  • Over 120% improvement in search performance on a 64bit SLES10-SP1 platform

And that's what I call engineering. I'm waiting for this release. How about you?

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