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Cool Blog: iFolder 3.6 - Looking *really* good!

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By Jason Williams

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Posted: 3 Aug 2007

Cool Blogs: iFolder 3.6 - Looking *really* good!
by Jason Williams

If I were to list the top questions I get during the course of a week, I think iFolder has to be in the top five every single week. I had promised to get back with an update on where iFolder is going, so here it is!

I know there was some disappointment in iFolder 3.2. It added a couple of new and cool features, but missed out on some things that were in iFolder 2.1. Well, we listened, and now have a lot of enhancements, some key new features and a pretty clear idea where iFolder is genuinely going.

First up, lets talk encryption. Of ALL the features in iFolder, this was the one that caused the most discussion. I am happy to report that encryption has returned in 3.6 with a new (stronger) algorithm and a new passphrase recovery utility into the bargain. Encryption can be turned on or off, made mandatory or offered as an optional feature to the end user.

Files themselves are encrypted on the server, but the file names and the directory structure are in the clear. This makes backup and (crucially) restore, a LOT simpler.

Of course, a restore request is usually made for a single file that was deleted by the user accidentally. A new server-side trash can (think Salvage for iFolder) means that the end user can access their iFolder via the web and restore a deleted file themselves. Much easier all round.

When it comes to the web access client a lot of changes are in order. The 10mb limit on file uploads and downloads is gone, iFolders can be created and shared and you can search your iFolders as well.

Sharing has also improved with the new ability to transfer ownership of an iFolder to someone else (providing you are the owner of course) in addition to keeping the simple rights that everyone likes.

The administrator will like the all-new administration console that gives a host of new features. One that is sure to give immediate attention is the ability to reassign ownership of an orphaned iFolder (an iFolder that exists where the user has been deleted). Also there is a new reporting system that can automatically generates reports that can be delivered straight to the administrators iFolder.

Scalability has been improved and there is no limit to the number of servers that can be installed in a system and you can also span your iFolder system across multiple volumes for load balancing.

Clients will be available for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Windows 2000, XP and Vista and a new client for MacOS X as well.

There are other goodies (improved client performance, automatic client upgrades from iFolder 3.x etc.) and I?ll dive into some of those features at a later date. I?ve been pretty excited watching iFolder 3.6 evolve and add in some major enhancements and I am also excited about some of the plans we have for the future. Watch this space!

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