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GroupWise on Linux: Three Unique Abilities with Reload

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By Tay Kratzer

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Posted: 14 Aug 2007

Reload customers with GroupWise on Linux have three unique features:

  • Users can access their backed-up mailbox without connecting to the Reload server.
  • An administrator can restore mail for users from within ConsoleOne without the need to access the user's account.
  • Backup times for post offices on Linux are faster.

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I expect that at BrainShare 2008 I'll see a bunch of wild-eyed GroupWise/Linux junkies who look like they've gained 10 years of youthfulness, because Linux is just plain FUN! You see, I have a book titled "Success with GroupWise 7 for Linux (". Sales of this book have increased dramatically over the last couple of months.

Reload supports GroupWise on all platforms. However, there are three unique features available only to customers who have GroupWise post offices on the Linux platform. This article discusses all three features.

With Reload you can restore mail in a matter of two minutes. That's slick! If your GroupWise post office is on Linux, restoring mail is even faster and easier.

Let's review the steps that a user follows to restore items if the post office is on NetWare or Windows:

  1. Exit the GroupWise client connected to regular GroupWise POA.
  2. Get connected with the GroupWise client to the Restore Mode POA running on the Reload server.
  3. Select File|Open Backup, find items and restore them using the Restore feature.
  4. Exit the GroupWise client, and connect back to the regular GroupWise POA.

Now let's review the steps that a user follows to restore items if their post office is Linux:

Select File|Open Backup, find items, and restore them using the Restore feature.

For details on just how to configure your GroupWise system and Reload to allow for this, follow the section in the Reload documentation for "Creating a GroupWise Restore Area for use with Reload - Linux Post Offices." In the Reload 2.0 documentation, this on page 95. The Restore feature isn't only in the GroupWise client; it's in ConsoleOne also, which is handy for a couple of reasons.

Let's imagine you have a highly mobile user who is on the road often and carries only a Windows Smartphone device. And let's imagine that you have the wireless synchronization solution NotifyLink. Well, there's no "File|Open Backup" feature in the NotifyLink client. The same is true of the GroupWise WebAccess client and the Outlook client. So how could you restore items for these kinds of users? One way is to ask for the user's authentication credentials and log into their mailbox with a fully featured GroupWise client. But there is an easier way, and it does not require that you have access to the user's mailboxes. Here's the method you would take to restore items for these types of users.

1. In Reload Administration, select the backup that you want to restore from.

2. In ConsoleOne, highlight the user you want to restore messages for, and select Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Backup/Restore Mailbox.

This action causes the GroupWise POA for the user's post office to access the Restore Area that is located on the Reload server. The GroupWise POA will restore all the items from the backup that are not currently in the user's mailbox. That might sound like it will be a mess, however, it won't really be - because, generally, all of the items are just restored to the user's trash folder.

3. The user will find the item in their trash folder and be able to undelete the item from there.

Note: In the case of a user who does not have the ability to access their trash to undelete an item, restoring the item in this manner is not sufficient. For example, if you have BES, currently Blackberry devices supported by BES do not have the ability to access the GroupWise trash folder.

Reload uses the NFS protocol to access a GroupWise post office on Linux. The NFS protocol is the fastest client protocol, when compared to other protocols such as NCP and SMB. So Reload backs up GroupWise post offices faster on Linux faster than post offices on NetWare or Windows. However, that said, you will not find a backup solution that backs up GroupWise on any platform that runs faster than Reload.

Reload has dozens of features that benefit GroupWise on any platform. However, there are three additional features that are only available to those customers whose GroupWise post office is on Linux.

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