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Heads Up: ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Now Shipping, adding Endpoint Security to the ZENworks Arsenal

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Updated: 22 Aug 2007

Updated with new questions and answers.

ZENworks 10 Configuration Management, the latest addition to Novell's systems management portfolio, is now shipping in three editions that allow you to choose the functionality that best meets your security and management needs.

With ZENworks 10 Configuration Management, you can reduce the cost, time and complexity of administering your IT resources. This new solution also ensures security and regulatory compliance with policy-based asset, patch and endpoint security management. It also helps you maximize the value of your IT assets with detailed measurement capabilities for reporting, planning and process improvement.

Novell is leveraging its recent acquisition of Senforce Technologies to provide a convenient and cost effective way for you to add security management to protect your IT investment and networks. Senforce Technologies is a market leader in providing removable device security, personal firewalls, wireless security and application control to secure the network and give organizations mobile computing flexibility without fear of data loss or attack. With Senforce Technologies, Novell is extending its policy-based management offerings to include a full suite of endpoint security solutions. As part of the overall Novell enterprise management strategy, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management will help you protect your IT investment from the increasing threats of data theft, malware and viruses.


What are the key new features added to the product in this release?

ZENworks 10 Configuration Management automates software setup, updates, healing and migration for desktop computers. Key features include:

  • New Web-services-based architecture allows you to deploy the solution quickly, begin managing devices in less than 30 minutes, self-update to maintain system health, and run on both Windows and Linux servers
  • Native integration with both Novell eDirectory and Microsoft ActiveDirectory
  • Manages Windows Vista
  • Integrated console for configuration, patch and asset management
  • Endpoint security management, including USB/wireless security, removable device security, personal firewalls, and application control
  • Includes enterprise and web reporting from BusinessObjects (BusinessObjects Enterprise XI and Web Intelligence) that can turn raw data into reports for better decision making and process management

For more information about Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management, visit

TIP: Be sure to check out the videos posted there -- you can see the actual Evil ZEN Scientist, Martin Buckley, in the flesh, talking about how cool this product is. (See if you can pick him out of the lineup...)

Will Novell continue to sell the ZENworks 7 line of products?

Yes, ZENworks 10 Configuration Management is a new product and does not replace any of Novell's existing systems management products. The ZENworks 7 products will continue to be sold for customers who are maintaining their NetWare investment or are migrating over time to Linux servers.

Did Novell buy Senforce to include it in ZENworks 10 Configuration Management? When will it be integrated?

Novell already had an OEM relationship with Senforce, so the ZENworks Configuration Management packaging would have been the same without an acquisition. However, the acquisition of Senforce will enable Novell to deliver a mature endpoint security solution far faster then we could build it ourselves. Integrating endpoint security management in the ZENworks line allows us to provide world-class security, regulatory compliance and corporate governance solutions offerings for our customers.

We are working quickly to develop tighter integration with the endpoint security management solution and build out our solutions in this area.

What is the difference between the Standard, Advanced and Enterprise editions?

Standard Edition

  • Includes full life-cycle management of Windows desktops and laptops
  • Asset inventory
  • Software packaging
  • Personality migration
  • Enterprise reporting

Advanced Edition

  • All features in ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Standard Edition as detailed above

  • PLUS
  • USB/Wireless Security
  • Patch Management Services*

Enterprise Edition

  • All features in ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Advanced Edition as detailed above

  • PLUS
  • Endpoint Security Management
  • Asset Management Services
  • Handheld Management
  • Linux Management

*Advanced and Enterprise Edition both include 60 days of Patch Management Services. For continued patch updates, customers must purchase product upgrade protection or maintenance.

When will the product be available? How much will it cost?

ZENworks Configuration Management is available worldwide today. New license pricing is as follows:

  • Standard Edition: $70
  • Advanced Edition: $114
  • Enterprise Edition: $225

Special Promotional Pricing: Through January 2008, qualified customers can purchase ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Enterprise Edition for $83 per license.

To purchase or evaluate ZENworks 10 Configuration Management, visit

Got More Questions?

If you have any questions about ZENworks 10 Configuration Management or the new Endpoint Security offerings, let us know, and we'll do our best to track down and post the answers.

New Questions (and answers)

Q. Scott C. wrote: If you have the Open Workgroup Suite, which ZCM edition is included? Standard, Advanced or Enterprise?

A. If you are under maintenance or upgrade protection, you are entitled to ZENworks Configuration Management Standard Edition. There is a promotional price of $83 to upgrade to ZENworks Configuration Management Enterprise Edition.

Check here to see the upgrade path.

Q. David L. wrote: We have just renewed our maintenance on the ZENworks 7 Suite. Through this maintenance what do we get?

A. Since you're under maintenance protection, you are entitled to ZENworks Configuration Management Standard Edition. You might want to take advantage of the special promotional pricing of $83 to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition. Here's a page that shows the differences between the editions.

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