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Securing the corporate secrets with ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

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Posted: 14 Aug 2007

Novell has acquired Senforce Technologies, a market leader in providing removable device security, personal firewalls, wireless security and application control to secure the network and give organizations mobile computing flexibility without fear of data loss or attack. With Senforce Technologies, Novell is extending its policy-based management offerings to include a full suite of endpoint security solutions.

The award-winning security management solutions acquired with Senforce Technologies are now available as Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management. This exciting new product delivers enhanced encryption capabilities and stringent wireless and port access control features. Now you can simultaneously protect your users and their endpoints from data theft, malware and virus threats.

BTW: a bit of a definition might be useful here. An endpoint in this context means any device used by an end user to access network resources. Specifically, laptops and desktops. So when we talk about securing the endpoint, we are talking about making sure that the information your employees are packing around on their laptops STAYS on their laptops.

What does this product do? Here are some highlights:

Personal Firewall

In securing mobile devices, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management is superior to typical personal firewall technologies which operate only in the application layer or as a firewall-hook driver. ZENworks Security Client includes a Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) driver for each network interface card (NIC), providing protection against malicious traffic from the moment traffic enters the PC.

Wireless Network Security

Unprotected wireless networks pose multiple threats to businesses. Users can inadvertently compromise both local and corporate data, from a wireless hotspot or even from the office. Hackers can easily find an openings in an unprotected system on an access point or hotspot and run scripted, peer-to-peer attacks. They can gain access to confidential data such as customer lists, project plans and even username and password combinations. Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management and wireless Security Solution provide the industry's first centrally managed endpoint security software solutions to control and manage wireless connectivity.

Data Encryption

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management gives you the ability to protect your mobile data by actively enforcing your corporate encryption policy on the endpoint itself. This can ensure that even if an attacker gets their hands on the data, it is unreadable and unusable. But not just any encryption solution will work in the enterprise setting: the encryption system and its key-management need to be centrally controlled and coordinated, because otherwise each protected notebook or workstation becomes cut off from the others and productivity is badly hurt.

USB and Removable Media Security

Prevents intentional or inadvertent transmission of data to removable storage devices. Storage devices including thumb drives, iPods, cameras, printers, CD and DVD drives can be placed in read-only mode or fully disabled, while the endpoint hard drive and all network drives remain accessible and operational. White lists of specifically approved USB thumb drives can be employed, and in combination with data encryption ... you just couldn't be more secure from both internal and external data loss; both deliberate or inadvertent.

Posture and Integrity

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management verifies that designated endpoint PC antivirus and/or anti-spyware software is running and is up-to-date, whether the endpoint connects to the corporate network or the Internet. ZENworks Endpoint Security Management takes immediate action if endpoints fall out of compliance by placing them into safe, customizable quarantine states, preventing the spread of viruses or other contamination to the network.

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