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Using Docufide Secure Transcript with NDPS and SLES

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By Brett Littrell

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Posted: 30 Aug 2007

This document is meant to help people configure Docufide Secure transcript software for Novell NDPS and SUSE Linux Environment.

The basic concept of this is to have your Student System send jobs to a NDPS Server that then sends these jobs to Docufide. In order to do this you need a Windows or Linux station to accept the job from NDPS then send it out, seeing as there is no software for secure transcripts that run natively on NetWare.

The first step is to configure your NDPS server, I will show the NW console screen shots for the config of the printer but you can also set the same parameters when you first create the printer.

The first step is to go to NDPSM, aka Novell Distributed Print Services Manager, screen and find the printer you want to configure; in this case I just named it transcripts.

Press Enter to get into the printer Config.

Select Configuration and press Enter

Select Configuration Utilities and press Enter

Select and press enter on the Novell Printer Gateway

Select None from the Select printer Screen then press enter at the Port handler screen the only handler should be Novell Port Handler

Select Remote Printer : LPR/TCPIP and press enter.

Now enter the values for the Linux Print server, I just entered the IP address and the Queue name for our printer.

Now save the config and back all the way out to the NDPSM screen then stop and Start the printer so the config goes into affect.

The NetWare NDPS side is DONE!!!!

Now onto the SUSE Linux Enterprise side.

I am not going to go into how to install the Secure Transcript software on a Linux Server because there is already a Doc out there for that, this is how to get your print server to send jobs to a currently running Docufide S.T. install..

First thing is first, DO NOT USE the print manager software that comes with SLES 9.1, Maybe it is better in SLES 9.2 or 10 but with my install using the KDE Print manager caused really funky things on the my server, like constantly spawned LPC and LPD processes and not closing them.

What I used was YAST, and it seemed to work just fine with no side affects.

So Open YAST and go to the Hardware section.

Double Click printer and click the Add button

The next Screen is Printer Type, select Network Printer.

Now you will select the Print Directly to a Network Printer

Now Select the "Direct TCP Port Printing"" and click next

The next screen you will want to put in the Server where Docufide is running, in this case it is the local server so you can use the loopback interface ( or just the IP address of the Server, there is no reason this also would not work if you had S.T. running on another server and you put in that address here. Next you want to select port 9300, Secure Transcripts defaults to that port on Windows and Linux, if you changed the port in the S.T. config you will want to match that here.

The next page you want the name to match the name of the Queue you entered in the NetWare NDPS config, so in my case I set the Queue name to Docufide. If you want a different name just make sure you change it on both the NDPS and SLES sides so they match, that is how LPD knows which printer to send jobs to.

The next screen is to select a printer, I just selected HP Laserjet 5 because that is just about the most generic PCL driver out there, Ideally I would guess RAW format would be best but that is not an option here. They took that out since SLES 8..

Now you are done select OK and your printer should be forwarding jobs to the S.T. Daemon.

I just want to mention that this is how I got this to work; I take no responsibility if you do not get the same results but if you have any ideas or revisions feel free to send me an email.

Brett Littrell


NetWare 6.5 SP6, SLES 9-10.1

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