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Looking into the Future - Email Archiving and Retention with Retain

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Updated: 11 Sep 2007

Retain from GWAVA has been developed in conjunction with Novell and the latest version of Novell GroupWise. With over 50% of all GroupWise customers worldwide running some version of GWAVA software, GWAVA has established a relationship with the Novell GroupWise Engineering team as well as the Global GroupWise community. This has allowed GWAVA to produce Retain, a product focused exclusively on the unique needs of GroupWise Email Archiving.

There are many email archiving solutions in the marketplace; however, Retain has an important differentiator - it is part of a complete email management solution that provides email archiving, search, retrieval, email auditing, backup and disaster recovery. GWAVA, with its other products focused exclusively on GroupWise and integrated tightly together, ensures that all organizational email management needs are met.

Retain is not a point solution. Retain is part of a portfolio of GroupWise tools which enables it to combine email security with email archiving. Retain, together with GWAVA and Reveal, provides an even stronger position with its additional security and supervisory capabilities. Whether you are a law firm, government entity, federal organization, or institution of higher learning, Retain is able to ensure compliance with regulations and reliability for long-term deployment. Retain for GroupWise provides a comprehensive enterprise email archiving solution to all users and departments within an organization. Integrated with Reload, Reveal, and Redline, it is part of an overall solution for email management.

Organizational email retention needs have a wide variety of sources. A word needs to be said for Archiving/Email Retention vs. Disaster Recovery/Email Backup. Disaster Recovery/Backup and Archiving/Retention solutions for email can appear similar in their scope and deployment due to the similarities in functions, mainly being that they both collect email for access at a later time. The difference between the two lies primarily in their deployment and access after the data has been collected. Integration between Archiving and Backup is necessary to maintain complete protection from data loss as well as easy access to data.

Please join us to learn more about the capabilities of Retain.

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