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Learn How to Mitigate Email Risk with Novell, AMD, IBM, and Messaging Architects

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Updated: 18 Sep 2007

Dates: Sept 25-27
Time: 9am-4pm
Locations: Local Novell Offices in New York City, NY, Atlanta, GA, Vienna, GA
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You need your email - it's a vital tool for any organization, regardless of industry, size or location. What you don't need are all the threats associated with it. Spam, viruses and other hazards are on the rise, crashing systems and draining productivity. You need a way to protect your employees and resources from this onslaught and at the same time ensure that your email system is not abused to distribute confidential information or offensive messages or maliciously exploited by botnets.

According to a recent study, 22.3% of all outbound email has content that poses a legal, financial or regulatory risk. In other words, one in every five outbound messages may contain information that puts your organization at risk. The content of most concern: confidential business information, potentially offensive content, private health, financial, or identity data of employees, clients or partners.

To date, most organizations have not exercised the "reasonable care" mandated by the US Supreme Court to address this situation, which puts them at risk for lawsuits and other legal action. Join AMD, IBM, Messaging Architects and Novell at this informative one-day seminar, where we will present a simple, cost-effective solution to the ongoing threats of spam and viruses by enforcing appropriate use policies to protect your email system and save your organization unwanted headaches.

Registration is free, not doing anything to address this serious risk can be very costly!

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