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GWAVACon Bonus Day Announced

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Posted: 14 Sep 2007

We are opening this training up to our current registered attendees first. So if you are interested, sign up soon so you do not miss out on this great opportunity for a one-on-one, in-depth training.

BONUS DAY January 26, 2008 - $695
An extra day to learn all you can. Two tracks, full day mini-conference.

Track 1 - Linux Deep Dive

Danita Zanre and SwitchDesk deliver a full day ramping up on Linux fundamentals and GroupWise 7 on Linux. This is the best GWAVA has ever offered to help bring you up to speed with two of the best talents in the Novell Industry.

SwitchDesk is Novell's premier Linux partner and has coordinated some of the largest Linux migrations on the planet. The morning portion taught by SwitchDesk ensures you are getting the same access to quality training as Novell's largest customers.

Danita Zanre is an Official GroupWise Legend and is the leading authority on GroupWise 7 on Linux. Her afternoon session uses the fundamentals covered in the morning to build your experience with deploying GroupWise to a Linux environment. This is a not-to-be-missed track!

Track 2 - GWAVA 4 Certification

BrainStorm, Inc. delivers a full day of intense GWAVA 4 Certification training. By spending the bonus day in technical training with the BrainStorm and GWAVA teams, you guarantee available time to attend the maximum number of sessions during the rest of the conference.

This training brings you up to speed on the latest GWAVA 4 product from the company that is Novell's Official Training Partner.

Register here for this special pre-conference event:

Space is limited, and demand is high!

The GWAVACon Conference Committee

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