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Posted: 18 Sep 2007

Looking for interesting topics to be presented at your next Novell Users Group meeting? Contact us to schedule a 30 or 60-minute session that will help your members enhance their implementations of GroupWise, Identity Manager, eDirectory and SLED 10 from Novell with innovative solutions from Omni.

We are currently featuring the following sessions:

  • 1. eControl and EMU: Delegate user account management tasks for GroupWise, eDirectory, Active Directory and Exchange without giving away the "keys to the kingdom." Bulk create and manage your eDirectory and GroupWise users like never before with EMU.
  • 2. Riva: "Push" calendars, proxy access, folders, address books, managed signatures, secure distribution lists and more to GroupWise users. The all-new Riva Collaboration Integration Suite for GroupWise.
  • 3. GroupWise Web Calendars: Learn how CCUweb from Omni allows you to create HTML calendars based on GroupWise accounts. Import entries from the web directly into GroupWise. No scripting or database files required.
  • 4. Linux Desktop Multiplier: Turn 1 PC into 10 with the Multiplied SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Strategy. Ideal for classrooms, computer labs, call centres and Internet caf?s.

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