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Posted: 8 Oct 2007

WALTHAM, Mass.— 08 Oct 2007— Novell announced that Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 is now available to customers worldwide. Open Enterprise Server 2 features full 64-bit support of software services previously only found on NetWare, along with storage management enhancements and NetWare virtualization. Novell Open Enterprise Server combines proven workgroup services from Novell with SUSE? Linux Enterprise Server, completing the Open Enterprise Server shift to providing workgroup services entirely on Linux*.

"The biggest challenge facing IT departments today is how to meet growing business needs with shrinking budgets," said Jeff Jaffe, executive vice president and chief technology officer for Novell. "To meet that challenge, Novell brings SUSE Linux Enterprise Server together with tightly integrated, proven networking services in Novell Open Enterprise Server. Of special note, our current NetWare customers can choose to run NetWare in para-virtualized mode on Linux to take full advantage of the latest hardware, while maintaining their current NetWare environment and preferences as they move to Linux. This Linux-based solution unites interoperability and high availability with proven services in an open, secure environment."

In addition to the virtualization of NetWare, Open Enterprise Server 2 features Dynamic Storage Technology, new technology from Novell that uses customer-defined policies to recognize active and stale data and automatically shifts it to the appropriate storage device as the data's status changes. Putting active data on high-end storage devices for quick access and inactive or stale data on tape or other low-cost devices enables better use of expensive storage hardware, streamlines backup of critical data, improves disaster preparedness and reduces administrative costs.

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